Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cherokee Nation Group Seeking to Draft Prof. STACY LEEDS to Oust Chad Smith

UPDATE: The group is closing in on 300 members. If you're on Facebook, help build momentum to remove Chad Smith. Outlanders could have a big impact on the vote!

A Facebook Group to draft Stacy Leeds for Cherokee Nation Chief has sprung up. Many believe it's time to relieve Chad "Our Slaves Were Treated Well" Smith. Join in the group to show Stacy that she is needed.

Just who is Stacy Leeds?

Stacy Leeds serves as Professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law and directs KU’s Tribal Law and Government Center. She also serves as adjunct faculty for the School of Business at Haskell Indian Nations University.
She has published numerous law reviews, book chapters and essays. Her forthcoming book American Indian Property will be published by Carolina Academic Press later this year.
Leeds has served on several tribal courts including: Prairie Band Potawatomi District Court, Supreme Court for the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma, Kaw Nation Supreme Court, Cherokee Nation Supreme Court, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Court of Appeals, and a Special Judge for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation District Court.

Our friend JOHN CORNSILK says:

Stacy is the Leader we Cherokee People need, because of her commitment to the Cherokee and their law. To learn this is so, one simply needs to read her rulings and opinions while sitting as judge on the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Supreme Court, three in particular, first the Lucy Allen Freedmen case at and the case of the forcing up on the Cherokee people the 99 revised Constitution of the CNO at and the third case of the Court appointed by Smith, actually sanctioning crime don't be discourage by legal aspect of the documents they are simply written and quite easy to understand. WE NEED STACY AS CHIEF IN 2011!!


cideways said...

Well we need some major reconstruction to the way Indian country is represented today. I hope she has true Natives best interest and will not be diverted by highest bidder Indian tribe. We've had enough of tribes buying unaccountability.

Anonymous said...

We know that Chad Smith works for his best interests. It's time for a change.

Allen L. Lee said...

It is a huge request for Cherokee "Outlander" voters in California to help the jurisdictional Cherokees who live in Oklahoma out.
Stacy Leeds, like myself, is a firm believer in tribal sovereignty, but Stacy Leeds, like myself, also understands a tribes sovereign responsibility to all of it's members.
While the CNO is busy in California trying to oust Diane Watson, Cherokee citizens will also be busy in California asking "Outlanders" to oust Chad Smith in Oklahoma. Ironic, isn't it?

Outlander said...

Well said Mr. Allen. I am an outlander living here in CA and also an enrolled (and voting) member of the CNO and I will not be voting for Chad Smith for his
4th (illegal) term of office.

To imagine the CNO Council is willing to fund an opponent of Diane Watson's is an outrage, the outrage being involved in a CA vote when they ought to be taking care of the Cherokee people that do live in poverty right in Oklahoma!


John C. said...

Yes Allen there is irony in the the action of the Smith Junta, and what we the Cherokee people here in CNO land do, and what the Outland Cherokee folks that have bothered to learn and know what CNO is and stands for will be doing. !!YES OUSTING SMITH!!

Yes Donna, Allen said it well and so did you, the wasted money on National elections is a shame, especially the way we have folks living here in CNO land of the Smith Junta! Folks read THIS STORY that came out in the Muskogee Phoenix by Donna Hales back in 97

And then view THIS VIDEO Done by some California Cherokee.

Then Folks come to CNO-Land and look up Raymond Vann, and he can take you to places to see Cherokee folks living just like these stories TODAY. !! YES DONNA A DANG SHAME!!

John "The Elder" Cornsilk

stand your ground said...

After watching this video, I hope
that Stacy Leeds, when elected, will do the right and decent thing for all of the Cherokees and the
Chad Smith is one hell of a corrupt
Tribal Leader.

White Buffalo said...

It is my hope that Stacy Leeds is successful in her bid to oust corruption. It is a further hope that when she is elected that she then lend the support of her tribe in fighting for all Indian people who have been treated with disrespect by their own family's and tribes.

Anonymous said...

Very powerful video! Time for a new direction for the Cherokee people.

Anonymous said...

We must get rid of chad smith he is simply a tyrant leading a dictatorship. He has gotten away with to much too long!