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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pechanga General Membership Meeting November 15

Here's the agenda for the next Pechanga Membership meeting. Interesting that one of the topics is a CHANGE in bylaws.

WHY would they want to change the bylaws when they don't FOLLOW them anyway? The Pechanga Tribal Constitution says OPEN enrollment in January. They haven't done that in a DECADE. Why would they CONSIDER putting Gloria Wright on the committee when her sister was removed for violating confidentiality laws?

And a discussion of the "INCIDENT" at the Pechanga school. Remember the last incident, where Hunter children were forcibly removed while tribal rangers stood by?

Will OTHER BUSINESS include a re-opening of some issues about NON-Pechanga blood members? Stay tuned.

Agenda Gen Mem November 15 2009[1]


Anonymous said...

Where does it say open enrollment on the agenda?And where did get this letter?, Are you suppose to be enrolled to have this type of document? Do you know when they are going to lift the moratorium?

Anonymous said...

Whos gloria wright?

'aamokat said...

I don't think it says open enrollment is on the agenda. O.P. was making a comment that they don't even follow the constitution and bylaws already so why bother changing them.

His example is that there is a moratorium in place even though the constitution and bylaws says that open enrollment is the first month of each year.

We have friends in the tribe who give us this stuff at risk to themselves but they still give it to us as they knows that we are on the side of right

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad,Id be a godsend if they really had an open enrollment in january, and lifted the moratorium, But wishful thinking, thanks for the info.

'aamokat said...

Gloria Wright is a tribal member who sided with the rouge CPP in getting hundreds of long time tribal members in good standing kicked out of the tribe.

In particular she submitted one of the statements to the enrollment committee against the membership of the Hunters.

The claims against us were just statements that the tribe had never recognized the Hunters as Pechanga people but they didn't present any collaborating evidence to back up their statements.

I have recently been re-reading those statements and I going to try to see them from the point of view of someone who believes what they are stating is true and not call all of them a bunch of greedy crooks, as we tend to do sometimes on this site.

I will do so in a follow up post.

Anonymous said...

I guess they know which people to pick to do the most damage. Its to bad we have to make such comments against the tribe,but the things they have done, what else can you say?

True Pechanga woman said...

Interesting side note, I do believe that Lawrence Madariaga also served on that constitution and by-laws committee, and that was around the time when Gloria Wright would come by his house to use the shower when she had no water, and when Jennie Miranda would have him introduce her to the old-timers in the area, I guess if these individuals were always snakes, using whatever and whomever to further their own means.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Wright would use Lawrence Madariaga's SHOWER? I hope Sophia (RIP) would clean well after she used it....

Anonymous said...

Lawrence also used to loan them money when some of them were a little short of funds.

He was always lending a helping hand and what did he get in return?

The big boot from the tribe!

Anonymous said...

Acts of kindness, repaid by treachery. How can the tribal members TRUST Gloria Wright or Jennie or ANY Leyva offspring

Anonymous said...

This too shall be null and void for fraud.

The clock stopped in 79.

This is another scheme to legitimize all imposters.

'aamokat said...

Any word on what happened at the General Membership meeting Sunday?