Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pechanga's Membership Battle: Macarro's Lies and now 4 years and Growing

Have you seen KNBC's story on Pechanga's Membership Battle? Click on the link to watch Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro get caught in a lie the first 15 seconds of the piece.

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'aamokat said...

For anyone who doubts that Mark Macarro could possibly be a liar and our claims are just sour grapes I will give an example of what O.P. is talking about.

Because even though 53 members of the Hunter family are listed in the first official written tribal roll of 1979 and others joined during open enrollment years before the casino was built, Macarro says in the "Without a Tribe" news report that before the tribe had the casino a lot of people didn't want to be tribal members but once the tribe had something, then people started to show up. So he is insinuating that those of us who were disenrolled only joined the tribe because of the casino.

Well when you consider that most of the Hunters who were disenrolled were tribal members long before the casino was even planned then it appears Macarro is either lying or he is ignorant of the facts.

Also, and although I don't know what year Macarro joined the tribe, so I can't say for sure, but I would venture to say that a lot of us Hunters were tribal members before Macarro was one.

In addtion, Macarro says in the "Without a Tribe" segment that he heard a percentage of probability of 90 percent but it was found to be inconclusive.

Well the chance of us being Pechanga couldn't have been 90 percent against us when you consider the mountain of evidence we turned in to the enrollement committee including census records, probate records, and notarized testimony from current elders as well as elders from the historical period of the late 1800's. that backed up our membership claims.

So which is it Mr. Macarro, were you saying we were disenrolled for the ten percent probability that we aren't Pechanga, which is the case because we couldn't find some historical records that have been lost for over 150 years and which a lot of Pechanga families can't find either or were you lying about this too?

Pechanga Man said...

Compare some Hunters enrollment numbers with Mr. Macarro's or how about Jennie Miranda? Was she even ON the 1979 rolls?

Anonymous said...

macarros famos words "where were you when there was no casino'? Where was he? He has the look and talk and nothing else!

Anonymous said...

stop your talk about the tribe,at this point your talk should be about a BIA cover up not about the wrong doing of the tribe,we all see whats up!

Pechanga Man said...

Please, Anonymous 10:29 am, share about the BIA cover-up! Why just mention it? Why don't YOU fill in the details... if you have them.

Anonymous said...

do your own investigation its temecula indians not pechanga.

Pechanga Man said...

No, YOU said talk about the BIA cover-up so YOU bring the ideas.

You are typical... you want someone else to do the work.

'aamokat said...

That is part of the problem, Temecula or Pechanga, what is the name of the tribe?

I still have an enrollment card that says I am a enrolled member of the Temecula Band of Luiseno, Pechanga Reservation.

The enrollment committee claimed in disenrolling hundreds of long time tribal members in good standing that being of the Temecula Band is not good enough that Pechanga is a subset of the Temecula Band.

So the fact that the Hunters have a land patent as Temecula Indians and the Maneula Miranda descendants are also Temecula Indians is not good enough.

If that is the case, then why does my enrollment card say the Temecula Band, why does the official seal of the tribe also say the Temecula Band, and why does the title page and preamble of the Band's constitution and bylaws say the Temecula Band?

In the preamble (introduction) to the constitution the name Pechanga is mentioned as sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band.

So the names are clearly interchangale so why we we kicked out of the tribe then?

Anonymous said...

dis enrollment is not illegal,or enrolling who ever they want,is not either. we should just go on with life the us government does not care and theres nothing you can do in court.

'aamokat said...

Anonymous of November 7, 2009, disenrollment at Pechanga is illegal and has been since the July 2005 vote that ended the disenrollment procedures as a part of tribal law.

So the disenrollment of the Hunters is null and void because the proceedures (which were even follwed completely) that were used to disenroll them in March 2006 didn't exist.

Also, the fact that the enrollment committee disenrolled both the Manuela Miranda descendants and the Hunters even though other families such as the Candalaria Nesecat Flores descendants and the Masiel/Basquez family were cleared from disenrollment having the same information in their family histories that was used to justify the disenrollments.

In addition, the fact that family members of people who submitted challenges of the Hunter and M. Miranda tribal membership were allowed to rule on these particular disenrollment cases, shows clear cases of biased treatment against the disenrollees.

These are violations of Article V of the Band's constitution and bylaws forbidding malice or predjudice of tribal members.

So anonymous, you don't support the rule of law at Pechanga?

Because if you support the violations of tribal law that occured in the disenrollments of 2004 and 2006, then what is to stop the scoundrels who moved against us to turn on you and disenroll you now?

Do you think the recent base roll vote will help you if someone wants to disenroll you?

Because whoever has the power can do whatever they want regardless of whether it is legal or not.

And then you, using your own reasoning, could be disenrolled and since no one can make a tribe follow its own rules, then you couldn't do anything about it.

'aamokat said...

In my last post I meant the disenrollment proceedures were not even followed completely not that they were followed completely.

Anonymous said...

no its not illegal or they would be arrested.

'aamokat said...

According to tribal law disenrollment was illegal at the time the Hunters were disenrolled and while no official can not be arrested for perpetrating it, they can, and if tribal members are really interested in justice, be removed from office.

Not all crimes are punishable by arrest and jail.

'aamokat said...

Some people think that because no indictments have happened at Pechanga that it couldn't be possible that indictments are coming for offenses, other than the disenrollments, that may have been committed.

Well consider a famous corruption case that happened back in the 1970s.

In 1973 Vice President of the United States Spiro Agnew resigned his office because of offenses he committed before he was Vice President.

Agnew had accepted bribes while he was an official in the State of Maryland both as governor of that state and also as a top level official in a county government before he was governor.

Agnew became Vice President in President Richard Nixon's administration in 1969 so since the case against Agnew was presented in 1973, the investigation concerning his illegal activities had been ongoing for quite some time.

It turns out that the criminal activities cost Agnew the Presidency of the United States because President Nixon ended up resigning from office in 1974.