Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pechanga Tribe's Masiel Crime Family Member, an "alleged" child shooter now BAIL JUMPER

The Pechanga Tribe can control their criminal element. First he 'allegedly' shoots at a child then he doesn't appear in court FORFEITING his bond. His relatives were just arrested for parole violations. Is the Pechanga Resort and Casino SAFE?

A judge today raised bail to $3 million for a 43-year-old Pechanga tribal member who did not show up in time for a hearing in his attempted murder case.

Robert Martin Masiel, who lives on the Soboba Indian Reservation, had been out on $1 million bail and was due to appear in court today for a felony settlement conference.

At his last hearing on Oct. 30, his lawyer indicated there could be a plea agreement in the offing and the matter was held over until today, according to court records.

This afternoon, a new private attorney, Michael Mack, and Masiel's other lawyer, Karen Lockhart, indicated that Masiel was "incapacitated" and thus could not appear, according to the posted court record of what transpired.

Riverside Superior Court Judge Timothy Freer ordered the defendant's bond forfeited and issued a failure-to-appear warrant. About an hour later, the judge quashed the bench warrant but kept bail at $3 million. He also set a hearing for Tuesday.

Masiel allegedly fired two shots into a group of four people -- one of whom was 14 years old -- in San Jacinto on Sept. 30, 2008.

According to sheriff's Detective Steven Fredericks, Masiel was angry over a debt owed him by one of the men.

Rudy Saucedo told investigators he owed Masiel $200 from two years before. But when Masiel asked for the money that day, he told the defendant he had just been released from county jail and would not have the money for a couple of months, according to court papers.

The shooting occurred in the backyard of the home of another man, whose property the group was helping to clean.

Masiel allegedly said, "This is for the money you owe me," then fired two shots in the direction of the group.

OP: $350,000 earner Masiel worried about $200 he was owed. It was the principle of the matter? Of course, he thinks nothing of taken money stolen from honorable tribal members his family ensured were eradicated from the Pechanga Tribe.
AND HUGE SURPRISE... The Press Enterprise didn't report that an "alleged" attempted murderer didn't appear in court!


Anonymous said...

Guess attempted murder isn't enough to kick a tribal member out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting REAL news that the paper won't. Time to show the world who these fake Indians really are.

Temecula Man said...

It's past time for the whole family, which brings shame to Pechanga, be removed for CAUSE.
Shootings, wife/girlfriend beaters,drugs, Theft of Per Capita by fraud.

Look at them at Sunday's meeting. Add up their jail time and fines. What will Larry Miranda's theft of tips cost?

White Buffalo said...

"This afternoon, a new private attorney, Michael Mack, and Masiel's other lawyer, Karen Lockhart, indicated that Masiel was "incapacitated" and thus could not appear, according to the posted court record of what transpired."

I am not suprised he was probably hitting on the pipe to build up courage and got too spun.

The PE is wipped So you know who I am tough guy

My Name is "Guero Nunez" you know who I am punk. You still haven grown a pair yet?

Anonymous said...

damn nunez ,people starting to talk out with there names on this site !

this masiel family struck a nerve with several people!


Anonymous said...

what does this guy look like ,fat and tatoos all over him?

and was he also a sex offender?


'aamokat said...

No, I don't think this guy is fat but I believe he does have tatoos.

We haven't heard anything about him being a sex offender but one Masiel/Basquez family member, Ronald Rivera who is profiled on the Megan's law Web site, is a registered sex offender.

Ironic that Rivera works for the tribal rangers even though he couldn't get a job in law enforcement or private security anywhere else.

Allen L. Lee said...

Sounds like grounds for tribal banishment to me. It has nothing to do with B.Q. or who their ancestors were, but the fact that some have taken actions that have proven detrimental to the tribe.
Their actions warrant a form of tribal punishment on an individual basis.

Anonymous said...

Will all thats going on ,will that help the people stuck in the moratorium?

Anonymous said...

Help yourself already.

Anonymous said...

what does this dirt bag have to do with the moratorium,unless your trying to say the masiel family is the sole blame for the moratorium.

Anonymous said...

Who are you calling a dirt bag you piece of sh,.! Your probably one of those mexicans in the tribe! get a job loser! and for help yourself!, you can kis my a,.! too!

'aamokat said...

No the Masiels are not completely to blame for the moratorium but the CPP, who the Masiels were working with to get people disenrolled in 2004 and 2006, were supporters of the moratorium and they pushed to have it extended.

Before the disenrollments members of the Hunters and Manuela Mirandas who were on the enrollment committee found out that the committee, heavily influenced by the Masiels and with Masiel family members on the committee basically controlling the goings on on the committee, were not processing applications of people who had their applications in before the deadline for the moratorium but who ended up stuck in the moratorium anyway.

But people don't realize that disenrollment and the moratorium are part of the same problem.

So again no the Masiels are not solely to blame for the moratorium but they have a lot to do with people not being enrolled.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a member of the Hunter family was going over the Pechanga speed limit by 5 mph. The council sent him a letter stating that if he did not give them two hundred dollars he will be banish from Pechanga. So I guess banishment only come from the people that push the disenrollment.

'aamokat said...

I hadn't heard that one of our relatives was threatened with bansihment if he didn't pay them 200 dollars for going 5 mph over the speed limit.

But if that was the case, that would be totally unfair when you consider that some of the kids from other families drive their ATVs and motorcycles a lot faster than that through people's property and through the open fields, at least they used to do so and I haven't heard that they don't do that anymore.

So you can be barely over the speed limit and face banishment but you can commit felonies and not face banishment?

If that is the case that legal land owners can be harrased if they aren't tribal members and others are able to get away with anything shows how justice still works at the good old Pechanga Rez.

To our family members who live there, is that rumor true?

Allen L. Lee said...

I'm talking to anonymous of "November 15, 2009 11:46 AM"
if the person implicated for criminal acts while serving as tribal officials are actually found guilty of racketeering or embezzlement while they were tribal officials, their is no tribal sovereign immunity for those crimes. If the dis-enrollments and moratorium can be directly tied to racketeering by criminals who have a strangle-hold on the tribal government, then federal intervention may be warranted for both the dis-enrollments and the moratorium? don't know for sure, but it looks like racketeering, embezzlement, and fraud should be investigated.
It would mean that every official act made by suspect government oficials was also suspect, including state gambling compacts, dis-enrollments nd the moratorium, land into trust, BIA contracts, etc.

“Filipino clan stealing tribe's identity, elders say
Tuesday, July 11, 2000

…But federal authorities suspect the corruption runs much deeper -- deep enough perhaps to warrant an unprecedented racketeering case against the Rabangs and tribal leaders.
That there was a criminal conspiracy on the reservation has already been settled in court. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle has extracted guilty pleas from several members of the Rabang family for conspiracy to smuggle marijuana. In addition, two Nooksack officials were recently sent to prison for embezzling federal money. And another embezzlement investigation targeting tribal government is in progress.
Elders of the 1,449-member tribe suddenly find themselves in the strange position of welcoming federal intervention.
"We want our tribe back," said Rozelda Roberts, a former tribal council member. "They are illegally in our tribe. A group of people come in and completely take over. That really hurts."
Ivan George, 67, hopes the FBI won't stop until all the Rabangs are booted from the tribe.
"That would be our prayers answered if the feds stepped in. Our only chance is the FBI," said George, a Pentecostal minister with a degree in urban planning….”

Allen L. Lee said...

There is no tribal sovereign right to determine membership through racketeering

Anonymous said...

yes mr lee this person I speak of has been watching that case you posted,filipino group or any group will be stopped in the end!

also this person argued with the riverside sheriff and the FBI and they got in a heated discussion over jurisdiction,witch was clarified in oral argument in front of a san diego federal judge
in a recent hearing involving a pechanga moratorium person.

bullfrog I read the transcripts.

Anonymous said...

DIRT BAG CHILD SHOOTER,was that you speaking no I am not a mexican from the macarro family!


Anonymous said...

THEY SHOULD HANG child shooters and child molelesters from the highest TREE

no chance for rehab for those dirt bags!!!!

OPechanga said...

You don't hang a child shooter that MISSED the target.

As for the child molestors, I tend to agree, but you CERTAINLY don't ALLOW them back on the reservation.

Luiseno said...

You also don't reward them by providing them a high position in the Tribal Rangers. Oh yeah, let's put a child molester in charge of the welfare and protection of our children.

Anonymous said...

OP, do you have an email address for the Press Enterprise, I think they need a little heat for not reporting life threating news. If the Reservation was talking about house to house checks for this loser, I think the Temecula public have a right to know about it.

Anonymous said...

The shame ,turn your heads and pick up your per capita while you get raped by those who don,t belong.

And watch those you love get raped by crimnals,you can,t even say your part of your own tribe because the public already no whats going on.

you can,t even hide that kind of shame,not even if you buy that jet boat or drink that beer.

In the mourning it slaps you in the face every mourning its the cold reminder of what you have become.

Anonymous said...

The greatest teacher won,t hesitate to leave you there in your shame.

worship your towering false god made of slot machines,

I don,t no if even love can save you.

Anonymous said...

Mourning is the very appropriate word to use in this case.

They may not realize that mourning is taking place.

One cannot be inhumane to others and not lose their humanity.

We cannot compartmentalize; our malice and our humanity. Malice demeans our humanity.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you should not let your mourning slap you in the face.

So we can't get stuck in our grief over what occurs every "morning."

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked for contact information for the Press Enterprise:

The Press-Enterprise
PO BOX 792
Riverside, CA 92502

Fax (951) 368-9023


Anonymous said...

hopeless mistake

Anonymous said...

The holy spirit will come upon you,and the power of the most high will shadow you,so the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.

Anonymous said...

His mercy extends to those who fear him,from generation to generation.

Anonymous said...

walk blindly into the light and reach out for his hand,open up your mind and then open up your heart(you will see that you and me are very far apart)

can you see I hate who you are?(its all about money)

I tried to run off lisa with all this b.s but she see,s me as a person(and shes happy) not just a victim.

Anonymous said...

so you hate.....

i hear, feel and see you are angry....

Hate=Hard Heart. good luck with your heart. you need it to live well.

as for living well, with a hard heart it is gonna be hard.

Hating is bad for the haert.