Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Original Pechanga's Blog: A Nominee for KREATIV BLOGGER

Original Pechanga's Blog wants to say THANK YOU to our friends from THOUGHTS FROM Polly's Granddaughter blog for nominating us for a KREATIV Blogger award given out from Missy Corley at Bayside Blog. Polly's Granddaughter is a Cherokee and she has some very interesting posts

It shows that we are being noticed in the blogging world and thanks to all our readers for your continued support.

We do get recognition from our friends at HOT AIR where we participate in the daily blog show. Please share our site with your friends and please, take a look at the blog links above. It's all about shameless blog promotion!

1 comment:

just do it said...

Congratulations to O PECHANGA,
You deserve it, I should have said that long time ago.