Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Muskogee Area Office of BIA Under Scrutiny

Our friends the Cornsilk's, are reporting at John's Place that:

The Muskogee Area Office of the BIA, according to a confidential source, is under close scrutiny by Department of Interior investigators. Under conditions of anonymity, a source in tribal government stated that Jeanette Hannah, MOA director has been placed on administrative leave pending results of the internal investigation.

The source also stated that another employee with the last name of Sullivan was also placed on administrative leave.

A number of BIA employees are being brought into Muskogee, some from as far away as Phoenix, to give information about Hannah's administration and behavior, which some have described as dictatorial and capricious.

Charles Head, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma member and BIA employee, has been appointed as acting director, the source said, and added that all of the cameras have been turned off in the federal building so that Hannah will not know who is coming in to give evidence, which may incriminate her as the investigation broadens.

The source stated that one area of concern for the investigators will be budgetary discrepancies that may indicate corruption that could touch area tribal governments that have benefited from decisions Hannah has made over the past few years. Hannah is a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma.

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atalanta said...

This is great timing!
We are demanding a Congressional investigation into the BIA and the SOI for failing their fiduciary duties to the Native American's and Tax Payers.

Please check
We will be holding another protest again soon. In the meantime, tweet, facebook and sign the petition.