Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nevada Contemplating Lowering Gaming Age to 18

There are many responsible youth who can handle gambling. Is it better to allow them to gamble, rather than spend their funds on drugs and drinking?

If Nevada could have instant access to millions of new customers in these hard economic times, would the state’s Legislature and governor go for the potential windfall of new business?
We may soon find out.

The ability to bring millions of new customers to Las Vegas if the state’s minimum gambling age was lowered to 18 was the reasoning behind the suggestion raised by a gaming industry lawyer in a question-and-answer session with regulators at Friday’s gaming law conference sponsored by the State Bar of Nevada.

State Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander and Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Peter Bernhard were asked their feelings about changing Nevada’s gambling age limit from 21 to 18. Neilander said he would take the suggestion to Steven Horsford, the new Senate majority leader, and Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley.

I say YES to lowering the gaming age in Nevada to 18. What say you? After all, California's age is 18.
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