Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Democrats Will Try to Keep all Republicans From Voting. Take lead from Tribes like Pechanga and Picayune.

The DNC will be keeping the Republican voters from voting in November. They will banish all who are not registered Democrats, in order to control who wins the election. Additionally, when the win the election, and of course, they will, since they will eliminate the opposition, they will stop ALL payments from the government to those said Republicans.

After November, no Republican will have access to Government assistance for: Health, Elder Care, Education. They will have no say in the government, told to 'be nice' to Democrats and certainly will no longer have civil rights.

Can't happen you say? IT IS happening now, on Indian Reservations throughout California and in some other states.

Pechanga of Temecula DID exactly that and the DNC has chosen the leader of Pechanga for their platform committee. Do you not think they have similar views?
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