Sunday, April 20, 2008

Former Picayune Enrollment Chair Responds to Goldbergs Comment on Disenrollments being OVERBLOWN

Check out this link from the former enrollment chairperson for the Picayune Rancheria (Chukchansi).

Response to UCLA's Goldberg

For the Record: Goldberg gets MILLIONS from Tribes, nothing from disenrolled/moratorium people. Guess which group she sides with?

More on Pechanga's Genocide of their own people

GAMBLERS: If these tribes will cheat their people, and treat them with so much disrespect, do you think they care about you? Won't they CHEAT YOU?

UPDATE: AIRRO Presidents comments on Goldberg:

I know many people who have read this article found the quote by Carole Goldberg as troublesome, so I think some context is in order. Carole Goldberg appeared in televeision commercials in favor of tribal gaming, and several gaming tribes donate/sponsor/etc. tribal/indian studies programs at colleges throughout California, including her own UCLA.

Considering every word she says on the subject could affect future funding to UCLA, could we really think she would have an objective opinion on this matter? She sounded more like a tribal leader trying to play down the serious human and civil rights violations involved than a college professor providing a thoughtful analysis of the issue. Comments like hers, coupled with the egregious actions of some tribal officials will eventually lead to a thorough review of this issue by the one entity that has the power to address the injustices- the US Congress. So maybe we should be thanking her instead of cursing her.

READ: Disenrollments: Todays Genocide at
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