Sunday, February 17, 2008

California Needs LOSERS and FAST: Start Losing at the Casinos, Just NOT at Pechanga!

That's exactly what needs to happen, RIGHT NOW, for Californians to win from the expanded gaming propositions. We need you losers to LOSE and quickly.

Our friends from TRIBAL WATCH, has more on what we need to balance our budget.

The voters want expanded gaming and for it to pay off, in the miniscule amounts that we will get, we need more Californians to lose their rent money, the money they were going to spend on vacation and the money for Junior's college fund. We tried to remind voters that the money the tribes lied about, you 'member, the $9 billion that California would get (over 23 years, but they wanted us to believe it would solve our $14 BILLION defecit for THIS YEAR) would only materialize if the tribes put all 17,000 machines in from day one. Well, it's day 12 and only about 900 machines are installed meaning we have a shortfall ALREADY of nearly $7 million?

Come ON you LOSERS! Where ARE you? Come to a casino and LOSE. But please, don't lose at Pechanga. Lose at Soboba, San Manuel, Pala, Barona. At least keep the crooks and liars from Pechanga from coming out ahead here.
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