Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CA Polls Closed, Returns Coming in: No on 94


With 94% of precincts reporting: Pechanga has 55.7% with the largest amount of NO votes.

11:50 and Pechanga just got a spike to 56.4%. Los Angeles and San Bernardino are still not in.
11:41 34.9% of precincts and still at 56.2% Pechanga has the most NO votes.
11:29 31.6% of precincts reporting and Pechanga is 56.2% yes.
11:27: Term limits still going down, Perata and Nunez failing to keep their seats, so far.
11:20 and Pechanga is down to 56.2% with 28.3% precincts reporting. They now have the most NO votes. Is there still time to bring that number under 50%?

Still 18,000 precincts to go. Also, I understand that they quit counting the absentee ballots once the precincts start reporting. Pechanga is on the verge of taking the lead in NO votes.

11:00 24.2% and down to 56.9% yes, it's a long way to go to 50%.
10:35: 20.1% of precincts in and its 57.1% yes. Almost a million no votes. Should be 6 million more votes to go.

I'll try to live blog some results. Let's hope that CA will not approve the gambling deals, at least for Pechanga.


10:21 17.6% of precincts and 57.1% yes. The big cities are still to come.
10:01 16% and 57.6% for Yes, coming back to the fold?
9:48: 15.1% and 58.4% is holding. Riverside County is voting
9:30: 14.3% of precincts and Yes is at 58.4%

While the results are still far from over, it looks like the yes votes are holding steady. It also looks like Pechanga has spent $50 MILLION bucks or about $66,000 per remaining member to convince CA what it was going to do anyway. Hey Ed Burbee, how do you like that? Richard Milanovich only had to spend $14 million of Agua Caliente money, because he KNEW they would win their prop. Pechanga was never sure.

9:00: Still running at 57% Yes, but with only 5% of the ballot count. Early returns still have a way to go. Sycuan is leading with the NO votes.

8:35: Sec State time. Yes on gaming is at 57% YES.

8:36: Yes widens the gap here with 53%. 91, 92, 93 looks like they will fail.

8:27: YES is up 51% with early returns. Pechanga has the lowest total of yes votes.

8:24: Still no reports in yet. This is supposed to be a huge turnout for Calif.
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