Sunday, April 30, 2023


 BOOM!   JUSTICE for Saginaw Chippewa family as tribe DROPS their disenrollment actions against them.

An Isabella County family that has been fighting Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe disenrollment since the 1990s has won a third case with the help of genealogists and their longtime, Mt. Pleasant attorney.

Through its attorney, Shawn R. Frank of Jacobson, Buffalo, Magnuson, Anderson and Hogan of St. Paul, the Tribe agreed March 17 to drop the latest disenrollment action against the Mays family.

“The Tribe and their certified genealogist have…determined to not pursue further disenrollment action,” according to the order from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Office of Administrative Hearings.

Attorney Paula Fisher said the family was targeted “on and off” since and that they were first accused of not tracing to the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Constitution base rolls, and the Tribe agreed that they collaterally traced to them in 2009, resulting in the dismissal of that case with prejudice, meaning that should have ended further actions.

“Then, in 2014, the Tribe changed their laws and made dismissal with prejudice meaningless by challenging the Mays family yet again and asserted that the Mays family needed to trace lineally to the Tribal Constitutional base rolls,” Fisher said. “The Mays family next proved that they did lineally trace when the Office of Administration hearings granted the May’s family’s motion (to dismiss the case) in 2017.”

Read the full story at the MORNING SUN here  and KEEP WORKING FOR JUSTICE!


Walks with fist said...

This all smoke and mirrors, PR stunt for the tribe, pure and simple!
While I am happy for the family, they were never disenrolled from this tribe, they were put up for Disenrollment but never disenrolled! They never lost any benefits or were removed from any membership benefits. Mean while hundreds of Saginaw Chippewa Tribal members have been Disenrolled, with devastating effects. Lost their rights to their community, their membership benefits, their right to belong!
Where is the JUSTICE?

I find JUSTICE when all the disenrolled are brought back!
I will find JUSTICE when the corruption and greed of this Tribe are exposed!

The disenrolled have and continue to suffer greatly at the hands of this greedy tribe! Do not glorify their actions, cheer them on or give them a voice when the their actions have brought devastation and great harm!
In my opinion as far as Paula Fisher and her crack team of Russell Overton and Mr. All day long Avery, well that team was an epic fail for our family. I find it ironic that Ms. Fisher and her paralegal allegedly set up the OAH at the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe and that said paralegals family avoided Disenrollment . Wish she had fought that hard for my family, instead she offered us up first, numbers game, big families go home first, small families stay, pure and simple, do the math! In my opinion they are all thick as thieves and that includes attorneys!

Am I bitter, you betcha! My family has suffered and continues to suffer. All because of a Tribal Council of 10 people who decide to play God with other peoples lives, people who no more belong and do not trace to anything but have the audacity to remove others. These councils destroy lives, they have no morals, no integrity, they are nothing but greed!


Chief MoFo said...

My aunt Dolly would be so happy for the Mays family she was genuinely a good person.The Mays knows this.What the tribe did to her and other’s is cruel. She just lost the will to live. FYI

TipLineOpen said...

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Anonymous said...

If the Mays family traced to a base roll that can only mean that another family doesn’t! So the saga continues! Who’s next?

Anonymous said...

The Tribe and their certified genealogist wow Pechanga hired a anthropologist but threw his report out

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