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Friday, June 14, 2013

Chukchansi Shenanigans: Ayala v. Lewis, the Thrilla in Coarsegold: LEWIS COMMITTED TREASON against us!!

Any act outside the groupthink of Chukchansi is TREASON to Nancy "We got rid of a thousand tribespeople" Ayala.    Feel Free to point your fingers at her and LAUGH.
The following is a statement from Chukchansi Tribal Council Chairwoman Nancy Ayala and the Chukchansi Tribal Council Quorum on the Mono North Fork Casino.
In the past 24 hours, the Tribal Council has been contacted multiple times by Sacramento insiders, tribal officials and reporters who have related an infuriating, astonishing story. According to multiple sources, it appears that Reggie Lewis, a lawfully removed Tribal Council member who continues to illegally hold himself out as the Chairman of the Chukchansi Tribe, is allegedly in the process of negotiating a multi-million-dollar financial deal to throw his support and the Chukchansi Tribe's support behind the Mono North Fork Casino.
Such an agreement is illegal. Because Lewis is not a member of the Chukchansi Tribal Council Quorum, he cannot do business for our Tribe or sign a contract on our Tribe's behalf. Lewis' support for the North Fork Casino -- a gaming facility that would destroy the Chukchansi Tribe's casino business and flies in the face of Lewis' own May newsletter condemning the Mono Casino -- represents an act of treason against the Chukchansi Tribe.
Let us be abundantly clear. The Chukchansi Tribe is steadfast against the illegal, off-reservation casino proposed by the Mono Tribe. Each member of our Tribal Council Quorum -- recognized as the ruling body of the Chukchansi Tribe by the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs and multiple federal agencies -- is in agreement: The North Fork casino should not be built in Madera, off the Mono Rancheria. Our Tribe does not support this casino now, nor will we support it in the future. We will remain actively engaged, together with our sister tribes, in strong opposition to this casino.


Anonymous said...

REVOLUTION! As some have already heard the BIA has no backbone and won't enforce their own ruling. They can only "recommend" Robert reinstate the illegally disenrolled due to NO EVIDENCE to support the disenrollments. The BIA made a ruling to have us enrolled and said we do meet the enrollment requirements and on the BIA documents they put we do but will not enforce their own ruling and allow one man to over power them. I say Robert Smith and not Pala because it is not Pala who is disenrolling and disobeying the BIA it is only Robert Smith and he is not Pala. It is not the will of the tribe to disenroll it is the will of Robert Smith and his Lawyer Howard Dickstien. Honestly what is the job of the BIA if they have no real power and let tribes handle it themselves? Are they just record keepers? I'm tired of hearing you have to handle this as a tribe when we can't because the people we need to appeal to are the same ones hurting the tribal members. That's why we ask the BIA we need a mediator an outside party to intervene. STOP BEING SCARED BIA AND DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE. WHAT'S IT GONNA TAKE SOMEONE GETTING KILLED?? Then maybe you will say its gone to far and do something. Well it's already gone to far!

Anonymous said...

Well people are reaching that point and I would be scared if I was one of these corrupt tribal leaders especially the Smith or Macarro Regime's who keep hurting their people and kicking the disenrolled while their down. Is it necessary Robert Smith to send 3 disenrollment letters over a year just to throw it in their face every couple months.You are so gonna get yours and your side kick Teresa Nieto we haven't forgot about you.

Anonymous said...

It burns me up inside knowing one man (Robert Smith) could cause so much harm to people's lives and nobody is willing to do anything. I know we could just sit back and wait for him to die in a few years but why should he be allowed to get away with this for all those years. He needs to be stopped

Anonymous said...

Try commenting on the correct article.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Reggie has come to his senses. If you cant beat them, join them.