Friday, May 5, 2023

Elizabeth Hoover, Berkeley Professora CONFIRMS "I AM A WHITE PERSON" Pretendian NO MORE

 Another day, another academician caught in a LIE about their use of false native ancestry to get ahead. 

Elizabeth Hoover
UC Berkeley Professor

 Why do people want to be like Elizabeth Warren?  Or Ward Churchill?  Or Andrea Smith?  PRETENDIAN, they name is Elizabeth HOOVER.  It's still a growing cancer, to steal benefits from real native Americans

From Karen Townsend at HOT AIR:

This controversy has been going on for months. In October 2022, Hoover admitted she had no documents to prove her ancestry. She was hired by UC – Berkeley in 2020 as part of a diversity program. She specializes in environmental justice in Native American communities. On her new personal website, she issued her statement and said she will no longer claim Mohawk and Mi’kmaq ancestry. She is being labeled a pretendian.

I asked Are Pretendians the Reason for a spike in Native Population?

Students are checked harder than professors about their backgrounds.  It's getting ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Looks like George Santos sister.Embellishment must run in the family!

Anonymous said...

Or Liz warren

Anonymous said...

There nothing worse than a F**KING LIAR! I think it’s a man with very small weinus !

Anonymous said...

What a pretty woman!

Anonymous said...

She is welcome in my teepee.

Anonymous said...

She a 5 dolla indian