Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chukchansi Tribe's "Leaders" Have Earned Scorn & Mockery. Should the BIA withdraw Recognition?

We’ve read so much about the issues at Chukchansi.  Does anyone really believe that the three groups led by Morris Reid, Nancy Ayala and REGGIE LEWIS have the best interest of the tribe as their priority, or the best interest of themselves?

All three of these so-called leaders were proponents of the first disenrollments in the tribe in 1999 and 2006.  They cut 800 tribal members from their heritage and rights as Native Americans.   Is that what someone who purports to care about the tribe does?  I think not.

These actions against their own people and those subsequent disenrollments documented by the Sierra Star News, have led to violence ( Chukchansi Tribe at War With Each Other ) and huge police presence to protect Chukchansi’s shrinking number of citizens from their own leaders.  Is THIS what was meant by tribal self reliance?

Nancy Ayala wants to limit the Chukchansi membership to 46 people.  Is she serious?  Taking a once prominent tribe to such a small number is unconscionable. A real leader would be making it tribe STRONGER, by restoring their membership to 1998 levels and enrolling any who rightfully belong.

All three “leaders” are culpable in the destruction of the Chukchansi tribe.  Yet blinded by their own ambitions, they can’t see the damage they are doing with their depopulation efforts..

Help these leaders see the light.  How, you ask?  Ask your congressperson to set up field hearings on the issue.  Ask for enforcement in the Indian Civil Rights Act.  And most importantly:  DO NOT FEED THE GREED.

Simply quit going to Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino.   Dry up the income stream and let them KNOW WHY you are no longer coming.  Let them know you refuse to support their corruption and greed.

But what about sovereignty, you may ask?  Yes, they are a sovereign nation, but then, so was South Africa, and we used moral persuasion to get them to eliminate apartheid.  You can do the same at Chukchansi. Let them know you expect them to act humanely towards their people or they won’t get your entertainment dollars.   Help them to see that being corrupt is not a long term solution.

Bring ALL the Chukchansi people home.

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Anonymous said...

Would you quit with your lies about a tribe you do t know shit about. Nancy DOES not want it down to 46, that's reggies lie he used to scare the tribal members into following him, there was never a plan to disenroll 850 members as Reggie told the Fresno bee. And the sierra star is the last paper you want to believe, Carmen George and her criminal Hammond family..... The media has been lied to by these horrible people.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. We do know that your "tribe" has eliminated well over 500 people.

You either lied to the government to get them enrolled, or you lied about them to get them disenrolled.

You disenrolled Ruby Cordero, who spoke your language.

Tell us more about how the Sierra Star lies.

Are you one of those that squirted bear repellent on your elders?

Anonymous said...

Running a tribe is very difficult.

But RUNNING IT INTO THE GROUND is easy when they are ignorant and greedy.

White Buffalo said...

OK, you say we do no know. Well then enlighten this dumb Indians. Who disenrolled whom, and who supported and who objected to the disenrollment's. I remember reading about the tragedy of your tribe. It sure looked like all three were for it, for there was not a word written about any decenters.

pip said...

Chukchansi is the #1 offenders for disenrollment's in California.

Anonymous said...

Finally Robert Smith unwittingly admits Margarita Britten to be full-blood. Well either that or he is saying the federal government made a mistake in 1913 and if that's true then what other mistake did they make and he should look into the rest of his tribe. He wrote a letter today saying that in order to receive an allotment in 1913 you had to be at least half native according to the federal government that over saw the allotments so Margarita Britten could have only been half. Then Mr Chairman how do you explain her children all receiving allotments at that same time? A mother and her children can't both be half blood.

Anonymous said...

Yes a mother and child can both be half, it depends on the father as well...

Anonymous said...

Not if the husband/father is not native at all then the mother would have to be full for her children to be half correct? Margarita Britten married a white man and she and their kids were given allotments by the federal government so that means mother and children are at least half native. So that would make the mother Margarita full and the children half.

Anonymous said...

Robert said in 1913 to receive an allotment by the federal gov't rules you had to be at least half native. He admitted Margarita Britten getting one and her children did as well. She is listed as native with a white husband so she had to be full in order for her kids to receive allotments. Robert needs to just admit he is wrong already and reinstate. It's hard to keep his story straight when its not the truth. That's why in interviews he never answers why he disenrolled so he won't get caught up in a lie. He always says we're sovereign we don't have to or it's a tribal matter.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE GO TO PALAWATCH AND READ THE LETTER CHAIRMAN SMITH SENT OUT RECENTLY SAYING IN HIS OWN WORDS UNKNOWLINGLY THAT MARGAIRTA BRITTEN IS FULL-BLOOD AND NOT HALF AS HE'S BEEN CLAIMING TO DISENROLL MEMBERS. See the truth always comes out eventually! I'd like to see him explain this one. He will just say the federal gov't made a mistake like the Pala elders did in the 60's and the BIA did in the 80's who all had Margaita as full blood.