Friday, December 4, 2020

Truth & Healing Council: Mark Macarro and Calleen Audrey Sisk Speak at California Native American Heritage Commission

Interesting what came up at the 
Truth and Healing Conference on Thursday December 3. The 16 member Native American Heritage Council was set up to give Californian's a view of the historical wounds CA's Native Americans have experienced over the centuries.  


The diversity of experiences of the "victim population" must include the victims of tribal disenrollment of THOUSANDS of Native Americans THIS CENTURY by tribes such as Redding, Chukchansi, Pechanga and Pala to name just a few. There are 50 links on tribal disenrollment here

Chief Caleen Sisk, WINNEMEM  Wintu near Shasta, CA activists gave the opening prayer for the meeting.   She also spoke on unrecognized Indians and disenrollment.  "There should be NO California Indian who fits into an
anunrecognized category" which is what disenrollment does, moves natives into an unrecognized category.  Macarro seems to be okay with his tribes actions.

Chief Sisk stated:"We shouldn't also  have disenrolled Indian tribal members"    We need to address that, she said.   The committee needs to work on the people for survival.    THANK YOU  Chief Sisk.

The topic of restorative justice came up. we wrote about Restorative Justice early last year.  Mark Macarro chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from Temecula, CA and which, under his tribal leadership, unjustly disenrolled hundreds of California Native Americans from his tribe.   He admitted he was not a practitioner of restorative justice.  He should read the article on restorative justice linked above.  You, my readers can help others learn by sharing the article to your social meeting.   

Chief Sisk also says any landback restoration should promote TRIBALISM,  Her tribe lost their land when Shasta Dam went up and block the way home for the Salmon.  Now Natives can't go home due to disenrollment.

Christina Snider chair of the commission (and herself a member of Dry Creek Rancheria, a disenrolling tribe) brought up colonialism and how we need to push back against those and undo some of things we do to ourselves.

California put natives into poverty, casino tribes have done the same to their family and fellow tribal members via disenrollment.

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