Sunday, April 30, 2023

Letter to Senate Indian Committee on Tribal Disenrollment and Protecting ALL Native Americans

Dear Senator,

I am writing to bring attention to the urgent issue of tribal disenrollment and the abuse of Native American people by their own tribes. This is a matter of great concern and requires immediate action to protect the rights and well-being of Native Americans.

It is the responsibility of the United States government to ensure that the rights of all Native Americans are protected. This responsibility extends beyond just the Chiefs and Chairman of tribes, but to all members of Native American communities. The government has a duty to intervene when tribes are abusing their own people, particularly when disenrollment is being used as a tool for power and control.

Tribal disenrollment has become a widespread problem throughout Indian Country, and it has devastating consequences for those who are disenrolled. These individuals lose their tribal membership, their identity, and their rights as Native Americans without review or protection by the Federal Government. They are often cut off from vital services, such as healthcare and education, and may be forced to leave their homes and communities.

The process of disenrollment often violates tribal laws, traditions, and values. Many tribes have their own legal systems that have been developed over centuries, and these systems must be respected and followed. When tribes disregard their own laws and ignore evidence in order to disenroll their own people, they are perpetuating a cycle of abuse and disrespect.

We call upon the United States government to take action to protect Native Americans from these abuses. The government should create a task force to investigate instances of tribal disenrollment and ensure that the rights of ALL Native Americans are being protected. Additionally, the government should work with tribes to develop procedures that ensure due process and fairness in disenrollment cases.

It is time for the United States government to fulfill its responsibility to Native Americans and protect them from the abuses of their own tribes. We must work together to ensure that all Native Americans have access to their rightful identity, history, and heritage.


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