Thursday, April 6, 2023

Disenrollment IS an Indian Country DISASTER: The Human Cost of Tribal Councils' Abuse of Power and Exclusionary Practices


Doing the RIGHT thing should be EASY

As our Indigenous communities continue to suffer from centuries of colonization and systemic oppression, a new crisis is emerging that threatens their very existence. Tribal disenrollments, moratoriums, and corruption are creating a 21st century bloodless genocide that is destroying the cultural fabric and social cohesion of Indian Country.

The practice of disenrollment has become a weapon of choice for tribal leaders seeking to consolidate power at any cost and silence dissenting voices. Under the guise of protecting their communities from fraudulent claims or ensuring tribal sovereignty, tribal councils have stripped thousands of Indigenous people of their citizenship, culture, and history. This not only violates the basic human rights of those individuals but also undermines the very foundation of Indigenous communities and their collective struggle for self-determination.

The imposition of moratoriums on new enrollments or citizenship applications has created a system of exclusion that further marginalizes Indigenous people who may have ties to multiple tribes or who are seeking to reclaim their cultural identity. This practice can also lead to the exploitation of Indigenous resources by those who control tribal councils or have ties to corporations or other outside interests.

The rampant corruption within tribal governments, meanwhile, has led to the misappropriation of millions of dollars in federal funding intended to support Indigenous communities. This has left many tribes without adequate resources for essential services such as healthcare, education, and housing, exacerbating the already dire conditions in Indian Country.

Taken together, these practices amount to a 21st century bloodless genocide that is threatening the very survival of Indigenous communities. Unless urgent action is taken to address these issues and restore the principles of Indigenous self-determination, the legacy of colonization and oppression will continue to haunt Indian Country for generations to come. It is time for all Indigenous people and allies to unite against this disaster and demand justice for those whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by these practices.


Anonymous said...

This is what happened to our reservation when we built a casino! Mark Macarro rewrote the true history…

Anonymous said...

I was talking to text so unfortunately some of my writing is not understandable on my comment above (from EmotionalBatgirl@ with the phone number of 760696566) for which I apologize I didn’t realize until after I sent it. But, anybody that has any information on how to do this “Refute of tribal disenrollment from my Indian tribe” is greatly appreciate Ed. I’m pretty sure it’s through tribal court, and I would be honored to do this—- find out this information. I just want to make sure of a couple things before I start to try. Thank you so much everyone.

Francesca James Acuña Adams