Monday, April 20, 2015

Last Real Indians Denounces Disenrollment, Joining Native American Bar Association

The writing group LAST REAL INDIANS has a piece out on DISENROLLMENT.   THEY DON'T LIKE IT.  Fitting that some disenrollment tribes have councils with NO Indian Blood, or were adopted themselves.  The wattage of the spotlight on the corrupt actions of disenrollment is increasing

Disenrollment is not our way as indigenous peoples.

We know of no Lakota word for “disenrollment.” We have no prayers, songs, dances or ceremonies about disenrollment. We know of no Sioux leaders who have ever disenrolled our relatives from the Great Sioux Nation.

Disenrollment is a tool of colonialism and conquest.

The United States began planting the seeds of disenrollment during the Indian removal and allotment eras, in furtherance of indigenous land dispossession and assimilation. The federal government then introduced disenrollment to us during the Indian reorganization era, to further assimilate us.

Disenrollment is not indigenous to us or our lands.

We are people of kinship and inclusion. We inter-marry with other peoples from Turtle Island. We adopt children from other tribes, into our tribes and families. We take relatives who are cold or hungry, into our homes and communities.

We do not exclude our relatives, except in instances of banishment or exile as punishment for serious offenses against our people and ways.  OP:  In Pechanga's case, they took the word of a convicted, imprisoned child molester over the preponderance of the evidence in the Paulina Hunter Matter.

We most certainly do not exclude our Indian children. It is horrible to think that a Lakota child would lose the protections afforded by the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, upon his or her disenrollment.

Disenrollment goes against our ways of being and co-existing.

We understand the need to exclude non-Indians from our communities and territories, to protect ourselves against the forces of Manifest Destiny. Our tribal governments enjoy the inherent right to exclude outsiders from our country.

But disenrollment is exclusively aimed at Indians—not non-Indians. To be disenrolled, you first have to be tribally enrolled. Since tribes do not enroll non-Indians, tribes cannot, and do not, disenroll them. Instead tribes disenroll their own—their own kin.

Disenrollment is not an act of inherent sovereignty or self-determination.

Again, disenrollment was foisted upon us by the federal government, for ulterior purposes. It is not a practice that has existed within our societies or governments since our beginnings. Nor is it a practice that perpetuates our existence or belonging as indigenous peoples. It does the opposite: it diminishes us—all of us on Turtle Island—in size, strength and spirit.

Disenrollment is an act of Indian disenfranchisement.

The practice deprives our relatives of what it means to be indigenous; what it means to be tribal. It strips them of their Indian rights to worship; to fish, hunt and gather; to be with the land; to participate in ceremony and celebration; to vote, speak and be heard. It strips them of their right to belong. It strips them of their everything.

Disenrollment is today’s “kill the Indian, save the man”-regime. But now, we are doing it to ourselves. We are killing each other, terminating ourselves.

We denounce disenrollment. Real Indians don’t disenroll.
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Anonymous said...

It's time to share the truth. NO ONE is more deserving than ALL. We are ALL here for a reason. Even the felons who want to justify there actions with lies. Pechanga deserves to go back and share the truth, not lies and misinformation. Our Ancestors need to be honored, not cast about. We ALL need to BAND together.

Anonymous said...

We most certainly do not exclude our Indian children. It is horrible to think that a Lakota child would lose the protections afforded by the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, upon his or her disenrollment

or coming home children ( Low life pechanga) Crimes against children.

Anonymous said...

Or kicking children to the curb from Indian Schools, making them feel not welcome cultural centers or other events because there parents were shunned over greedy others. (shame on the greedy Pechanga Macarro et al.)

OPechanga said...

There are 100 Indian Children at minimum whose welfare has been harmed by Pechanga.
65 or so at Nooksack... yet those tribes pay lip service to the INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT....

Anonymous said...

Disenrollment is not an act of inherent sovereignty or self-determination.

Thats what real Indians said!(in the article)

Anonymous said...

Disenrollment is today’s “kill the Indian, save the man”-regime.

That should be on a pechanga sign.

Anonymous said...

I have many friends that work at Pechanga and Pala and they say less and less people gamble and the regulars are few and far between. That big addition at Pechanga will hopefully come back and bite Mark in the butt. If it's true that revenue is way down, , how soon before the Macarro and Basquez faction find another family to kick out?
And will the city let them add a big pool and river with the drought? How is that justified?

Anonymous said...

I got a lot of respect for them (after that article ) they are the real last Indians.

Wendy Owen said...
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Anonymous said...

My dad manuel rios spent most of his life trying to get pechanga to listen to him about how are family belonged and all the proof that we have showing so the fight will continue in his memory and may be some day they will listen to us I me michael Anthony rios have all of our paperwork and pictures of our ancestors and deeds to our land that is now owned by my brother and myself we will keep fighting till our death mark mccarrow you will not out last me I will keep fighting till you are gone people need to wake up and see you for who you really are you are not even pechanga Indian who knows what the hell you are

Anonymous said...

A lot of what the person who wrote that blog is good and true. In fact everything he says is the ideal utopian that all tribal communities should achieve. Unfortunately, the article points out exactly why tribes are oppressed and suppressed into operating within legal and political barriers, that force tribes to make decisions to ensure their survival, and it is the continued colonizing and assimilating regime/culture of the US government and it's "idea" of social values, norms, and goals as "Americans." Although disenrollment is devastating, it is each tribes right to decide their fate and to live with the consequences of those decisions, be it good or bad. In other words, the reality of tribal existence depends on tribes exercising the sovereign powers that each government possesses. I am all for the morality and ideological worldview expressed within the LRI article as the proper way to live with each other at the basic minimum, but each tribe should be able to chose their own way. The reality of Indian Country is that the ideal, values, and goals expressed within the LRI article have always been in conflict with the ideals, values, and goals that a continually forced political and legal regime of colonization exerts. I believe the same inherent power that provides tribes the ability to conduct itself politically and legally, allows tribes the ability to determine who is a citizen of their nation and who is not. Until the idea of where that power originates, from a political/legal relationship or from an inherent right from Creation, is understood the utopian idealized reality expressed within LRI'S article will never be reality. Sorry to say, but the relationships that LRI discuss are not derived from political/legal relationships, they are derived from the Creator and realized through each tribes own unique Creation story and brief system/ worldview of themselves. The legal/political reality allows tribes to make decisions, that they must live with and decide for themselves, no one else, and I don't think that last remaining freedom should be stripped.

Anonymous said...

If a band or in some instances a select few members break laws custom and tradition and dishonor how we were created they can live with the negative outcome also. Taking others rights and flushing them without honoring ALL laws and custom and tradition is not acceptable now or later. Hopefully the truth shines through sooner than later. Hitler tried and lost. Apartheid and ignoring ALL rights is not how our Ancestors treated each other, even if they did not see the outcome in the same manner as others. Disenrollment never took place until Casino$$$$ and greedy members and adopted members took over.