Wednesday, April 19, 2023

CA Democrat Party Accepts Donation/Sponsorship From Apartheid System, Civil/Human Rights Abusing Pechanga Tribe


Color me NOT SHOCKED.  that the CA Democrat Party accepts donations/sponsorships from APARTHEID system, civil rights abusing tribe (shown here on Pg 17) 

While researching some issues with US Senator from California, Alex Padilla I came across the CA Dem Party Flyer from 2022, linked above.  Padilla is on Twitter talking about ethical standards for the Supreme Court, yet, what are the ethics of taking money from tribes that abuse their own people?   Hypocrite, thy name is Padilla.

Political candidates have a responsibility to ensure that their campaign contributions come from legitimate sources that do not violate the basic human rights of individuals or groups. Accepting donations from entities that violate human rights can compromise the integrity of the political process and lead to a perception that the candidate is willing to overlook serious abuses in order to gain power.

Accepting donations from such entities can create a conflict of interest and compromise the candidate's ability to act in the best interest of their constituents. It can also undermine the legitimacy of the candidate's platform and their ability to advocate for social justice and equality.

HOW DARE YOU DEMOCRATS? We remember when you accused the sovereign state of Arizona of possibly violating the civil rights of illegal immigrants, why doYOU TAKE MONEY from tribes that have ALREADY violated the basic civil and human rights of CALIFORNIA citizens of Native American ancestry.

Why aren't you STANDING UP for US?


Anonymous said...

Don’t Dem people have a code of Ethics?

Anonymous said...

The DNC is a crime syndicate.