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We have written on the BIA/CDIB Issue a few times  linked here

NCAI Takes A STAND on BIA's CDIB FOIBLES & Failures  and Gabe Galanda: The BIA's BLOOD TROUBLE

Now, NATIVEPEDIA and Emilio Reyes have extensive scholarship on the arbitrary and capricious action 
San Diego, California, April 14. 2023:  Today, Nativepedia, a  California Native American company specializing in  research, education and advocacy,  has released  extensive research  on a silent issue affecting Native Americans:    Non-Federally Recognized California Indians: The Rescission of the CDIB policy. There is no question that the Department of the Interior; the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other departments within the Interior are entirely responsible for this matter. As a result,  thousands of Native Americans are affected. 

Attached please find: "Non-Federally Recognized California Indians: The Rescission of the CDIB policy." Alternative link via WeTransfer: & Scribd: 

I URGE YOU to send this to your Congress People and get them to act.  ALEX PADILLA, we mean YOU sir.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Emilio Reyes at: 


Chief MoFo said...

I ask myself. Mr.Padilla do you get more more money from the Lobbyists when we ask why you are not speaking up for the disenrolled??? How in f**k do we derail this Lobbyist train?

Walks with fist said...

Please know this pertains to ALL NATIVE AMERICANS not just California Native Americans, ALL!!

Ours has been on appeal, sitting on someone’s desk since 2017. Our appeal was filed timely according to the BIA rules, filed in Minnesota in 2017. When we called to inquire as to the status of said appeal, we were told “ DO NOT CALL HERE AGAIN”!!
They know whose desk it was on and confirmed it was received, since 2017!!

So they don’t do Indian on Indian but they can change the rules pretty fast without no one knowing. Makes you wonder what else has been changed but hey those of you that don’t stand up against DISENROLLMENT, you just keep drinking the kool aid or what ever the fuck you doing! It’s the sheep herder that kills the sheep not the wolve!

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

This policy change was made without announcement or consultation with tribes. Many tribes have membership requirements that rely upon certification of blood degree to qualify applicants for enrollment. Now the tribes must maintain the records of blood degree, track ancestry, and do any required research to establish blood degree. How many tribes have revised their enrollment ordinances to reflect the changing conditions? How many enrollment committees possess the expertise?

It is a breach of fiduciary trust for the BIA to disregard their duty to track blood degree and discontinue issuing certifications. Some federal benefits are available for applicants who possess 1/4 blood degree or more, such as health care and education. This means the BIA has to track blood degree to comply with federal regulations. It appears that rescission of the CDIB policy is a tool for corrupt tribal leaders to dispute long standing blood degree determinations and disenroll legitimate members.

Yet another of the harmful actions that the BIA has perpetrated on Indians. The DOI has issued several statements regarding the trust duty owed to Indians, but the department frequently fails to provide transition plans for policy revisions and provide oversight to insure smooth transitions.

Logic Thinker said...

This message is to Walks with Fist... I wonder what appeal process you are following. The CDIB form does not have an appeal process. The IBIA does not have jurisdiction on CDIB either. If your "appeal" was filed in 2017, it should have been resolved by now.

Walks with fist said...

Message for Logic Thinker…
Received denial letter on April 14, 2017 from the BIA, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan Agency. Appeal was filed according to instructions and in accordance with regulations 25 CFR Part 62 ( as stated on the determination letter) Appeal was filed timely to the Midwest Region BIA, Norman Pointe II, Bloomington MN.
It also states on the CDIB instructions, if you are denied a CDIB, you will be given a written determination with an explanation for the denial and a copy of the appeal procedure.
To date nothing has been done on this appeal!! They will not respond to our appeal or answer our calls.

I have all my records to back this up!

Chief MoFo said...

Mr. Logic how does it feel to get schooled ? Also what the hell is the IBIA ? These are strictly my own opinion’s and if you’re here to help please do !

Anonymous said...

International Brotherhood of Indian Affairs?