Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Since Time Immemorial Has Santana Rabang, The Future of Native America's Youth, Spotlighted


My friend Santana Rabang,  executive assistant to the secretary of Lummi Nation and a student at Fairhaven College has been honored with a story about her in the Bellingham Alive online magazine series SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL
We have worked together on tribal disenrollment issues and got to meet in person last year, TWICE! And she did a TikTok video with my cousin Cassie.  We protested together at the NCAI event in Sacramento last year.

She is simply the future of Native America.  Her spirit and spirituality shine through.

Here's an excerpt, the rest is at this link
Would you please introduce yourself? 

My name is Santana Rabang, and I come from Lummi, Nooksack, and First Nations Shxwhá:y Village. My mother is Felicia Lawrence of Lummi Nation, my grandmother was the late Hazel Lawrence, and my grandpa is Felix Gallegos. My great grandparents were the late Madeline Quincy and Peter Paul Lawrence. My father is Robert Rabang, Jr. of Nooksack and Shxwhá:y Village. My grandma was the late Janice Lee Rabang and my grandpa is Robert Rabang Sr. My great grandparents were the late Elizabeth Rabang and Frank Rabang.

You mentioned your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents when you introduced yourself? 

There’s this saying in our culture that you don’t know who you are unless you know where you come from. For me, that’s not only place-based, it’s also ancestral.

SO PROUD to be associated with this young native woman. Read more on the Nooksack 306

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Chief MoFo said...

Congratulations on all your Great Accomplishments! Young people like yourself are our Hope for tomorrow! Keep going the sky is the limit!!!