Saturday, April 8, 2023

Honor the Legacy of Our Ancestors: Embracing All California Indians with Open Arms, Disenrollment Must Not Divide Our Communities

Native American tribal leaders MUST remember the great injustices and violence inflicted upon the indigenous people of California by colonizers and European settlers. 

They must recognize the resilience and strength of our ancestors who survived this wholesale slaughter, and honor their legacy by welcoming any and all who identify as California Indians back into our communities with open arms.

Disenrollment from tribes must not be used as a tool to divide and exclude our people. Instead, we must come together and stand united in our pursuit of sovereignty, recognition, and justice. It is our duty to demand that our people be accepted and embraced as full members of our communities, regardless of any attempts to disenroll them.

We must continue to resist and challenge the ongoing colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples by corrupt tribal leaders, and work towards a future where all California Indians can thrive and reclaim our ancestral lands and cultures.


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