Tuesday, July 6, 2021

NCAI Stands Up for DOZENS of Trans Genders, IGNORES 926 DOZEN Living Disenrolled


Read it and Weep
Disenrolled are ignored again

WE KNOW that there are over 925 Dozen )(11,000) living disenrolled.  Wonder how many native trans genders there are?  One Hundred?   
They DO NEED support in health issues, but then so does a population that may be 1,000 times larger.

You can support BOTH NCAI.

We have the link here to the NCAI's resolutions for this meeting.  

It is sadly predictable that they again choose MONE over MORALITY, again.   We've written time an again, see the links below.

NCAI called out by Dr. David Wilkins in 2013
NCAI went after NBA bigotry, ignored Cherokee racism in 2014
NCAI ignored disenrollment in 2015
NCAI ignored disenrollment at their Marketplace event in 2017
NCAI ignored disenrollment in 2018
NCAI IGNORES 10,000 NATIVES Culturally Homeless via Disenrollment 2019

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