Saturday, July 17, 2021

California Truth and Healing Council, THERE IS A PATH FORWARD To HEALINBG from Disenrollment Read HOW


We can point out numerous stories about the traumas and abuses of tribal disenrollment, but here are two stories of HEALING.


In November 2003, the Enterprise Rancheria booted 70 tribal members who questioned the way the tribal council spent a human services fund, according to Robert Edwards, a disenrolled member. Later two more tribal members were disenrolled.

The whole story is at the link above, but Glenda Nelson made the first Hall of Shame  But the story ends on a happy note of healing when the tribe restored their disenrolled and their ancestors to their rightful place in their tribe.

Robinson Rancheria

Avila said the tribe has to take care of its own members first before they can help anyone else. The goal is to use the proceeds from Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino to help the tribe, but Avila said the casino – while it's an important revenue source – doesn't pull in the kind of business found among the bigger gaming tribes' casinos.

Healing at Robinson Rancheria came when  ROBINSON RANCHERIA Brings Disenrolled Members BACK into the TRIBE and RESTORING THEIR HONOR

We encourage you to share these two stories of HEALING with your Council and urge your members to begin the healing for thousands of living California Native Americans and their ancestors.

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