Friday, July 23, 2021

Cleveland BASEBALL Team DROPS Indian Mascotry to Become GUARDIANS

 After a decade of pressure to end the mascotry targeted  to Native Americans, the Cleveland GUARDIANS will be the new name for the Ohio baseball team

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team is changing its name to Guardians, the franchise announced Friday, dropping the racially offensive name it has been known as for more than a century.

The name Guardians is a reference to well-known Art Deco statues located on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga River and connects downtown Cleveland to the city’s trendy Ohio City neighborhood. Those statues are known as the “Guardians of Traffic.”

The franchise, which announced the name change in a tweet Friday morning, had long faced pressure from activists locally and nationally to ditch the name “Indians,” which critics said was racist.

The video announcing the name change did not say when it goes into effect. However, reported that will happen for next season. The 2021 season is currently underway, with the Cleveland franchise in second place in the American League Central.

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