Tuesday, September 15, 2020

#StopDisenrollment Visual Advocacy GETS REAL Redding Rancheria Style, Foreman Family Style UPDATE

Carla Foreman Maslin #stopdisenrollment

The Virginia Timmons descendants of the Redding Rancheria have begun their own visual advocacy campaign.  NO longer waiting for media and tribal representatives to ACT, the Foreman family is doing their own outreach.  

The fight against disenrollment must come from many fronts, and in this age of coronavirus, this is a perfect vehicle for that.  Masks that MUST be worn, can also tell the story.

BE LIKE the FOREMANS. RAMP UP THE FIGHT to #stopdisenrollment

UPDATE!     Jack "Tattoos on Chin" Potter is mad.  Really? You mad, Bro?

 He mad....

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