Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PECHANGA YOUNG Get it WRONG TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY NOT Affected by Correct Tribal Membership Rolls

Disenrollment Strips Tribal Citizenship            Disenrollment Strips Tribal Citizenship          Disenrollment Strips Tribal Citizenship         Disenrollment Strips Tribal Citizenship
The fallacies in this conversation with a young Temecula Indian is staggering. What are they teaching?   In the Pechanga disenrollments of two large families, disenrollment was done SPECIFICALLY to harm those who stood for justice.

BOTH families traced their ancestors back to Original Pechanga ancestors.
SOVEREIGNTY does NOT depend on a correct membership roll. The Feds will allow tribes to SELL memberships.  

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians did not ACCEPT the proof their OWN documents and oral history laid out.


Anonymous said...

As of rn 2020 anyone can be enrolled or disenrolled at the current tribal council's discretion regardless if they can or can't provide support of enrollment, tribal lineage etc. Sadly our pechanga bylaws have been amended by people who have only recently returned to the tribe to get to know it.
If you have to defend disenrolling, and why you practice disenrolling, you might be the problem?
You can defend disenrolling to white people but not natives. Even Pechanga's former attorney Gabe Galanda indigenous rights speaks against practicing disenrolling. As do countless native news sources.
This is why other tribes do not respect the disenrolling Pechanga tribe.
Disenrolling is not a native custom or tradition.

Anonymous said...

What about moratorium?
You're okay saying we know these people are from here, they're related to most of us, but we're not going to count them as Pechanga people?
We're going to lie to the world that there's only this many Native American's when we really know there's more.
This is a time when there are more natives since European contact, you should be proud of that, not try to diminish your numbers.