Friday, September 18, 2020

Pechanga Casino Per Capita Stolen VIA DISENROLLMENT of their OWN PEOPLE

Disenrolling for a BILLION DOLLARS 

Disenrolling tribes say that disenrollment isn't about the money (yes, they are lying).  Well, they mean it's not ONLY about the money, but as the numbers here for the Pechanga casino prove, disenrollment enriches those remaining.  The rest is about controlling power, then you can control OTHER MONEY.

From the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula CA here is the breakdown of the theft of per capita by the Mark Macarro led tribal council:

The Hunter family has lost $3,729, 611 per person, in per capita payments alone.

We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months and multiplying that loss times 171 months of disenrollment. 95 adults at the time of disenrollment  totals: $3,818,945 EACH.  Total loss equals: $362,799,000

The Apis/Manuela Miranda family was disenrolled two years prior in 2004  The per capita was slightly less, about $17,000 per month times 195 months of termination: $3,264,000 times 135 adults equals: $440,640,00 

Moratorium People NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs. The per capita went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of 2 large families of tribal citizens. 

Thug members who were involved in drugs, shootings, sexual abuses carjacks still qualified. Pechanga Theft of $860 MILLION Includes additional $24 Million in Health Insurance a"Cadillac plan"  under Affordable Care Act.

These totals do not include lost education assistance nor does it account for family members that attained the age of majority. I wanted to keep the numbers static.  I'll gladly update if the tribe wants to give me the current numbers.

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