Saturday, September 19, 2020

Matilda Smilth, Pechanga Descendant of Paulina Hunter and Mary Ann Miller , Celebrates 91st Birthday

HAPPY Birthday to my aunt Matilda Smith, who, at 91 is the eldest descendant of Paulina Hunter's daugher Mary Ann Miller. We wrote about the abuse of Pechanga elders, who were disenrolled from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.
Matilda was 75 years old when the Pechanga tribal council abandoned her, unlawfully taking this elder's per capita money, health care, voting rights and her rights as an allottee, and dishonoring our ancestors.  

During my last visit with my aunt Matilda , then 87 years old, she recalled being on the reservation in the late 1930’s. “It was a long trip to get there, especially in those days”. “But that is where our roots were, my grandmother loved it there.”

Her grandmother was Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Paulina Hunter, an original allottee (#62) of the Temecula Reservation known as Pechanga.  Up to her disenrollment, she was attending meetings, travelling out from OKLA 'freaking" HOMA to support the tribe and family.   That's how much she believed in her tribal responsibilities.

She was also a MILITARY VETERAN, which meant very little to the tribe.

My great grandmother Mary Ann Hunter Miller, lived to be 88. 

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