Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sixteen Years of Injustice for Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indian's Manuela Miranda Descendants

 Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' first family to be disenrolled en masse, the descendants of Manuela Miranda, and cousins to the woman Frances Miranda, who helped disenroll them, are detailed at this link >  Manuela Miranda Descendant

SIXTEEN YEARS of Injustice, Frances Miranda sentenced her OWN FAMILY to the disgraceful action of disenrollment


White Buffalo said...

Yes it was 16 years ago last March when it became official, we when through the tribes appeals process, but were denied equitable justice given the accusers sat on the appeals committee. the same people that brought the claims against us. We actuality won a right to have our case heard at the federal level, but the tribe who was led by Mark M. fought us all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court did not hear our case for the simple reason they did not want to legislate from the bench. The court felt it was / is a legislative matter. Now Mark and those that supported our disenrollment will and have said that the court decided that the tribe was right in the decision to disenroll. That is not true. The fact is the merits of our argument / case have never been heard in a public forum / venue. We Apsi from Manuela Miranda know our argument will stand in the light and be proven that the tribe acted in a manner that is unjust and not in line with the constitution - bylaws of that time, and that there was a conspiracy to defraud, defame, and unjustly remove a calls of people who have legal and lineal unbroken ties to the land and people long before the name of Temecula LucieƱo people were named as such. If your readers are not aware the name of Pechanga is not of a people but of a place where the water drips. Ahen

Anonymous said...

White Buffalo, what is your disenrolled family doing to get your rights back?
16 years is a long time, but nothing compared to "time immemorial" as the tribe uses.