Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hopland Tribe Removes Enrollment Committee Member WITHOUT Presenting Evidence

We've written about the HOPLAND disenrollments here and here and here   Now the evidence is out that Hopland has removed ONE member of their Enrollment Committee for the egregious action of questioning the disenrollments, yet NO evidence was presented. 

Carla Antone is OUT we wrote about it in November, and there are new issues on that termination in violation of their own constitution

From her Facebook Page:

FINALLY after two months of waiting on December minutes from TC meeting I get them. As you can see..TC removed me for so-called violating EC policy, which, there is no proof and without cause.


Sonny Elliott LIED to me about the process of my removal. He skipped the voting by the EC to remove me, Sonny violated the committee policy, he violated my due process rights per our Constitution.

ntone vows a fight in tribal court. 

Per our committee policies, the only way the Chair of the EC can bring her complaint forth to Council is by a unanimous vote by the Committee to remove me.

OP: How can tribes be taken seriously, when they are not responsible enough to follow their own rules/laws?  Next thing you know, their casino closes and people are out of work, and maybe a HUGE pot bust on the rez.... oh yeah, that happened.

Congressman Jared Huffman has been contacted for help.  Crickets are SO LOUD he might be going unheard...

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Anonymous said...

Who is their Chairman, Robert Smith.