Friday, February 8, 2019

#StopDisenrollment: Former San Manuel Tribal Chairman Deron Marquez Speaks Out Against TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT

A stellar opinion piece from Dr. Deron Marquez, former chairman of the San Manuel Band in San Bernardino CA.
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Dr. Deron Marquez

Since the turn of the century, tribal governments (Pechanga, Pala, Chukchansi, Nooksack among them) have quickened the dismemberment pace and it has become far too easy for tribal governments to “tribally divest” tribal citizens. These actions are a hold-over from a foreign government’s attempt at a “final solution” once used to rid the land of Indians, but it is now tribal governments who seek to rid their lands and financial obligations to Indians.

Tribal governments refuse to engage in local or national dismemberment conversations, citing the federal court decision Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez and calling the act of deciding who is enrolled to be a “sovereign” prerogative. But this is not a query of enrollment; that axiom is long accepted.  

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Anonymous said...

What good does it do when these kind of people wait until they are out of the role that actually dictates decisions made to speak out against something such as this. Cowards. Faux leaders. Nothing will ever change with tribal disenrollment. I’m done hoping. Politicians will never stop loving power and money so in turn laws will never change for the better. These people aren’t impacted by this so it’s not their problem. I’ve done way better to move on with my life than sit around expecting a change. Tribal benefits and life isn’t everything, life still moves on. Do I miss those days? Absolutely. However sometimes the corrupt just get away with it, that’s that.