Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Report: Fighting the Colonizer InsideTraditional Kinship, Blood Quantum, and Disenrollment from the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

Wonderful article by Marisa Miakonda Cummings on how Disenrollment destroys kinship and uses the colonizer's blood quantum to destroy families.

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska’s tribal council and enrollment officer have stated that I have been removed as a tribal member (though I have yet to receive official documentation of my expulsion, a removal known as “disenrollment”). 

They claim that the basis for my disenrollment is due to “blood quantum,” a measure of tribal affiliation based on ancestral bloodlines.

Blood quantum was an idea introduced to North America by Europeans, and many federally recognized tribes today use some combination of lineal descent and blood quantum to determine membership.

At some point in time—according to the tribe’s bookkeeping—someone changed his blood quantum to 31/32. (OP: HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?) His siblings have the same

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