Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nooksack Leaders CHANNEL Javert: Criminal Charges for $5 of Electricity?

The struggles for Margretty Rabang from the brutal onslaught of the corrupt Nooksack Tribal Government and their attempts to evict her family continues unabated.

Senators Cantwell and Murray?

Now it appears, the Tribe was looking at criminal charges for "stealing" electricity from the "community building". Which others were using heat and cook their food, all without threats of police interference.  Still to be determined if they will charge the Rabangs.

They were without power for almost 40 hours and are raising a grandson who has asthma and needs to be hooked up to an electric asthma machine, so they plugged into the community building which was built for the people.

Why is it that when you adopt someone in the tribe, like Bob Kelly, they TURN on the people?  Remember when tribes said they would support their people if they were rewarded in gaming and casino rights?

Is it time to END the Tribal Casino monopoly?  The continued persecution of the Nooksack 306 should make us think so


Anonymous said...

How sad, sorry to the Rabang family. It is so petty. Todays world glorifies the petty, so they can get away with crap like this. Remember when the Casinos were first approved, so that Native Americans can help their own. They were to give Indians decent homes to live in, health care, food on the table, clothing and shoes to wear. They were not approved to be built so that they could destroy certain Native Family's lives and take away everything they had and make them worse off then before the Casino was built.


This tribe wants Criminal Charges? Wth? Over Electricity? That is so dam.."Petty! and very "Ignorant and Greedy!"there only doing this out of Strife! Honestly, This Tribe needs to put its "priorities" straight! There was a child who had asthma and needed to breathe! I could truly understand the parents, that had to do what they had too do, for there children, Children come first in this world. That tribe needs to get it Straight an get an enema in there brain. And some real Native Wisdom. These corrupted Tribal Councils in California need to get "prayed for' only Prayer, can bring down there corruption and destroy the greed in there Soul, "confusion and sickness is not nice...neither is adversity, But California Corrupted Chairmen are asking for it. From "Real Prayer Warriors"..

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to wire up that asshole Bob Kelly with 220 volts and plug his ass into the nearest outlet and watch him fry like a strip of bacon. He is nothing but a want a be Indian and does not understand the meanings of Custom and Traditions.
Get a life Bob Kelly you low life son of a bitch.