Monday, February 6, 2017

ELK GROVE CASINO: City Sued for Using IMPROPER Environmental Impact Report to Speed Process

Stand UP for California filed suit against the city of Elk Grove for a bit of....underhandedness:

n an unusual move, the Elk Grove City Clerk amended the agenda and gave notice that it will hold a closed session as part of the meeting.

The notice, which was given yesterday morning, lists the lawsuit filed by Stand Up For California against the city. That lawsuit, case number 34-2016-80002493, was filed in Sacramento Superior Court on November 23, 2016.

Filed as a complaint under the California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA, the suit claims that the City is improperly using the 2001 environmental impact report (EIR) conducted for the shopping center. The suit says the City used the 2001 EIR so that it could speed the process for development of the casino, which included the removal of the development agreement encumbering the title.

Before the land can be placed in Federal trust, which is required before ground breaking, the parcel must be free of encumbrances such as the development agreement under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act 25, U.S.C. 2703(4).   

Removing the development agreement without considering the environmental impacts is a violation of CEQA the complaint contents. Additionally, the suit claims the City illegally recorded the effective date of the ordinance so as to "thwart the right reserved to the voters of Elk Grove in the California Constitution to referend the ordinance approving the Amendment before that ordinance is given effect."   

FOLLOWING THE RULES wasn't on the TOP of the City Council's list? NO WONDER they don't care about the tribes' corrupt practices

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that what Smith did in Pala when he had the new campsite built on Hwy 76.
He used the EPA report from the 2001 0rignal EPA report done for the Casino.
That property didn't even belong to the Pala Indians back then.
They just recently bought not long ago.
Maybe the Regional office of the BIA, Amy fudged it through for her paper bag lunch.