Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nooksack Tribal Council Meeting: Anatomy of A Dictator, Bob Kelly Style

Nooksack Tribal Chair Bob Kelly
Interesting commentary on a recent Nooksack Tribal Meeting, re-posted from a Facebook Post.

I went to the Nooksack Tribal Council meeting and left feeling quite low---and morally clobbered.
Then I realized we did not lose at all. Truth and justice can not prevail in a lawless system. The open nature of the meeting was a deception, and Kelly arbitrarily decided who could speak, and on what terms.(his terms) The terms were not fair , and he applied different standards and procedures to different members.

The Chairmen opened the floor and asked for questions of the membership, and he then recognized Sat's right to speak. Kelly did not like what Saturnino was saying, and he declared the floor closed. He then told Sat he was being disruptive, and then he kicked him out.
One can not win when the rules our constantly being broken and changed mid stream. Chairmen Kelly used his position as meeting facilitator to silence any independent views ,under threat of police escorted expulsion.

Sat, I am proud of you. You stood and spoke your heart respectfully. The fact that he expelled you only proves his rule is based on banana republic thuggery.

Chairmen Kelly did not win, he cheated. He did not let us speak because his positions are not defensible in the light of day.Sat and I were nothing but respectful , and Kelly was rude and condescending to both of us.

Carmen you are awesome , and I love you. You stood and did what you thought was right and fought for the kids. You did not achieve the outcome you desired , but you shall always have the peoples respect for your hard work, dedication, and pursuit of justice.

To the people of Nooksack, we love you all. We pray that we shall all come together and meet at the table of brotherhood and unity. It is all of our hopes that we can come together and end this madness. To the people of Nooksack, I asked you all to say a prayer for all of us, because their can be no winners in this cultural genocide.

We say that the children are our future, if this is true than what kind of leadership skills are we teaching them. We should not be teaching them to hate, and to discriminate against family. If we do not teach them honesty and integrity then what kind of future leaders can we hope for?
I go away from this meeting a little dis-heartened, however, I am a believer in the goodness of the Nooksack people. Tomorrow will be a better day and I hope and pray that all Nooksack people will come and stand together as one people.

I am not hating on anyone. I love the council and everyone equally, but I just had to share my feelings in a good way.
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