Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly: TALK IN ENGLISH! Not a Nooksack Meeting

“Talk in English!” ordered Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly at a special public meeting last February.  Frank Hopper's story on the disgraceful actions of the Nooksack Council.
Nooksack Chairman BOB KELLY

The words made Deborah Alexander’s blood boil. For three years she’d heard her children and their families slandered and gossiped about. For three years she’d remained silent as they were ostracized for being members of the Nooksack 306. She’d kept quiet as lies were told about them and tribal benefits withheld from them.
But witnessing Kelly order Nooksack elder George Adams to speak English in a tribal council meeting was just too much. She couldn’t keep quiet any longer.
“Next thing I knew I was standing up there and I got upset because they kept telling him to quit talking. ‘Talk in English.’ And I said, ‘Why can’t he talk? Why can’t he speak in his language?’ And I said a few other choice words that I don’t want to repeat because I got upset. And I left,” Alexander told ICTMN.


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White Buffalo said...

The illusion of being above the law and having power and control has gone to this guys head. There is a pattern here that many of our gaming tribes have fallen victim to.