Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rep. Raul Ruiz SUPPORTS Pechanga Tribes THEFT of Water For Casino SWIMMING POOLS

From the hearing today on Capitol Hill, it appears that Representative Raul Ruiz is in support of the Pechanga Tribal Councils plan to usurp water rights from Temecula Indian Reservation Allottee Descendants.

Why does Pechanga want the water so badly?  To fill up their FOUR ACRE swimming pool project.  Mark Macarro doesn't care about water for reservation residents, HE DOESN'T LIVE THERE.  He doesn't maintain gardens and grape vines.  He's selling the FUTURE for money NOW.   As if he wasn't rich enough from stealing per capita from Original Pechanga Descendents.



Here is testimony that went to committee staff.  Please, send a link to YOUR Congressperson.


Anonymous said...

Must be tough fighting alone in social media rick? No help from your family ? Wonder why other pechanga victims don't use social media?

What a waste, and don't come here and post and say you do. Because we all see you don't.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone concerned of this blog. You know congress , senate , DOJ and the BIA look at this sight daily. keep it up Rick the family supports you and this sight

White Buffalo said...

To June 23, 2016 at 1:11 PM;

You caught me on a day where I am feeling a little bit irritated. It looks like you are trying to start something with your innuendo. Maybe you have a point, maybe not. What I don't get is why you have to post as Anonymous? Are you afraid to say who you are? It sure seems that you have an opinion, but it also seems that you are too timid to say who you are. Also you do not have a clue about who is fighting and who is not. Just because you do not see post from some of use about what we do does not mean we are not working toward a goal. Seems to me it is easy to post a comment about what you think. Like the poo-poo you talk, but it is not so easy to hand write letters or talk to people everyday about these issues. In fact your last statement is just irritating because you are the one who does not see too well. Again who are you? You want to talk smack at least be big enough to say who you are.

OPechanga said...

I'm pleased to announce that I got well over 60 signatures to the testimony I posted here.

I'm working on meetings with Congressman, and I heard back from D.C. that the testimony will be distributed to both majority and minority member's staff.

We fight in ebb and flows, sometimes it's lonely and sometimes it feels good to have family and others fighting together.

PLEASE, look at multiple pages while you visit. An easy way is to simply click pictures on the sidebar, up and down...that will help drive our traffic ranking higher...

OPechanga said...

Oh, and fighting alone? NOPE, getting a lot of traffic from THIS GROUP on FACEBOOK, please, LIKE the page:

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see how many people have fallen to the dark side and given in to evil and greed, with no back bone to stand against the odds, at least there are still some warriors left that know what is right and will fight for it. There were times Jesus stood alone and yet had many followers, so maybe it is more proof that Rick is right and doing the right thing and you are just jealous because you lack that same integrity.

OPechanga said...

We HAVE their attention:

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
IP Address:
Department Of The Interior, Office Of Thesecretary ( DOInterior

They came today to look at this post... PLEASE...share, tag the Dept. of Interior, House Committee on Natural Resources...

OPechanga said...

Cross posted the issue on the TEMECULA PATCH, calling out Rep. RUIZ in public. PLEASE, go to this article and help it get on the FRONT PAGE:

White Buffalo said...

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The article tells of the lies and deception of a phantom survey. This is just more proof we have been attempting to tell the world about since 2004.

Go to the link leave a comment and post on social media. As this is one of many avenue that I widely use.

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Pechanga has been caught in more lies

White Buffalo said...

June 23, 2016 at 1:11 PM

If you do not see the connection I am making then I wonder what it is you see. I also wonder what it is you expect? Are you a disenrolled member or just a troller looking to make waves? Or are you one of Marcy M's stooges or Raymond V's. If you go to the link you can see how it connects. This is how we get the word out. I am not afraid to post with my name.

Anonymous said...

What is your real name?
I am sure that your birth certificate doesn't say White Buffalo.
So by picking a name out of a fairy tale and posting with it is the same as posting as Anonymous.

White Buffalo said...

June 25, 2016 at 3:40 PM

If you have been visiting this site foe any period of time then you would know my name. I see you have not revealed yours and I believe you will not. May name is Mr. Nunez to you. My family knows my first name and they know my common name. You are as of yet just a nobody who is afraid or weak. Go ahead and Google it or go back to some of the article post from this site when it first started to get my first name. By the way if you go to the link I posted and look at the comments section you can see my name in full. You still owe the members of my family an apology for you do not know us nor know how much money and time we have spent to fight the corruption of Pechanga. You are unif9rmed and you represent the majority of opinions that are uniformed and useless.

White Buffalo said...

The conversation continues regarding the philosophy of Pechanga. This article gives an opportunity to comment on the corruption of Pechanga. By posting your stories of the wrongs Pechanga has done to you personally will help create the picture of a manner that Pechanga will have ha impossible time overcoming. Your comments help imprint the message that Pechanga is not a nice as they would have you believe. Copy and past the link.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing for Pechanga to "overcome." Nothing at all. The allegations and innuendo you put out from here, it is not of substance that requires any sort of official response, or creates damage that needs fixing. How can something be "impossible to overcome," when it's not even an issue? You take yourself way too seriously.

Rocha was right when he said this isn't a legitimate news site. Sometimes you post legitimate news, with legitimate links to legitimate news sites. But you aren't journalists' in here. That's what seperates your OP here, from Rocha's site. Rocha doesn't try to be the news. He doesn't make amateurish attempts like you do at reporting the news. He lets news done by actual journalists speak for its self. One example of your amateur gaffes- Sometimes you like to use something you call, "MONEY QUOTE." Except that it's not a quote! An actual quote would be sentences taken directly from the document or the outside article. It's just your own words, and you label it as a "quote." Amateur hour.