Monday, June 6, 2016

Democrat Candidate Calls for END of Disenrollment: Charly Mercado Flores STANDS UP FOR CIVIL and HUMAN Rights

STRONG WORDS here from Democrat candidate Charly Mercado Flores against disenrollment.  This is what we need to happen, more of these kind of negative statements on disenrollment.  Many will say that it's a tribal matter, or sovereignty issue.  I'm mindful that South Africa was ALSO a sovereign nation.

The Native American people have been thru forced christianization, indoctrination, acculturation, assimilation, termination, relocation, and now Tribal disenrollment. Tribal Disenrollment destroys their connection to their ancestors, their cultural heritage, and their traditions.
Thousands of Disenrolled Native Americans have been stripped or denied the basic due process and equal protection rights provided for in the United States Constitution, the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, and Tribal laws. The number of civil rights violations in Indian Country has reached epidemic proportions and we must put an end to this practice.

Watch his VIDEO on the subject HERE   until we can get an embed code..


debra Knust Johnson said...

may those of our people that are lucky enough to get their education use it to stand for us against any, anyone that is recruited to stand with the BIA that support s this and all for money. has it come to the point that extremely wealthy men running casinos refuse to not only help our own people but disenroll them????????????

Anonymous said...

Hay Mark Macarro, Robert Smith and the other tribal leads are you listening congress is starting speak up on disenrollments. how are you going to explain how sovereignty is for criminal and civil crimes to go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

Mark and His Fat Monkey brother cant see or cant hear because they are blinded by "Greed"!!!
As for Rob Smith he has always has been Fat and Greedy.