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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pechanga Tribal Leader Andrew Masiel LOSES bid for CA Assembly; Voters Couldn't Stomach Corruption

UPDATE:  Masiel will be the Democrat candidate in NOVEMBER.  This was a primary to  get him in as Democrat candidate.

Apparently, even Democrats couldn't stomach the candidacy of Native American tribal leader Andrew Masiel Sr. from Pechanga.  Leading the extermination of 25% of the tribe that adopted him, was not a vote getter.

Masiel LOSES election

He couldn't even reach the 40% mark in the election, in an election where the Democrats got over 55% of votes.

This should give Mark Macarro pause if he is thinking again of running for Congress.  The opposition to Macarro will be much stronger....


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, he will lose and be back on your council with that other Basquez felon. Council of losers! And the head Chief is a thief according to everything on here and the tribe keeps voting him in. Wait till the new addition fails. Don't we have a water shortage in California, yet Pechabga is adding a multiple pool water park? How and WHY.? How do al ,those 40 cent a pull bus people pay for all that construction? Too big to fail? Look at the Mohegan Sun....bankrupt and it was the biggest Tribal Casino around.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga can Vote him in as the Chief of Thiefs

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Masiel now that you know how people really feel about you why don't you just pack your shit and move to another State and try again.

Anonymous said...


A. Robot said...

Classic Sociopath. Pechanga is trying to play catch-up with Harrah's SoCal by adding a water park. The last time they had an original idea will be the first time.

Anonymous said...

Mark should run for congress. Unlike that loser Andrew who didn't campaign to hide his action like voting down to enforce Indian civil rights or voting as a eclectic Pechanga council member to disenroll even though the fact went against the Pechanga constitution. Mark would do better like he did on the channel 4 investigation report with out a tribe interview with Collins Williams.

Anonymous said...

That post office mug shot says it all.

Anonymous said...

Mark should run to the store for Pepto-Bismol Max for diarrhea of the mouth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's amazing isn't it? All those people coming in an dropping their retirement checks. Amazing!

There's no "water park," or kiddie lazy river, like Harrahs. It's just several pools. You can see for yourself the renditions on the video monitors are all over the Casino. That is if you're no banned from the property for douche baggery.

There's enough to water, once the pools are filled, the only loss is evaporation which is minimal.

The addition won't fail. In fact, in no time at all, it will be too small again. This is a known, but it's alright.

Mohegan Sun failed because of competition after State laws changed allowing non Indian gaming. That will likely eventually happen in CA too.

I just thought I'd post so you all know you're not ALWAYS just posting and reading back & forth with other people who agree with you.

Anonymous said...

The new pools are actually so that I have a comfortable place to relax and count my money.

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