Monday, June 13, 2016

ANONYMOUS Discovers DISENROLLMENT: Native American Disenrollment: A Plea To The US Senate

Disenrollment has been garnering a lot of attention and now, a major website has found the issue.   WE ARE ANONYMOUS  which has over 5.2 million followers on Facebook, now has a story focused on our friend Emilio Reyes' contact with the Senate.  Please click the link above for the full story, please share it on Facebook and Twitter and PLEASE, email it out to your family and friends and ask that they do the same.

Tribal Disenrollment is the systematic purging of Native American tribal membership by tribal leaders.  Many tribal members are forced to verify their heritage and if they cannot, they are purged from the tribal roll.  Many times, members are disenrolled because they have ancestors who moved off of tribal lands.  Reyes believes the issue goes beyond heritage and the primary motivating factor behind disenrollment is money.  “Tribal disenrollment is because of Casino profits”, Reyes stated in an interview hosted on his website 

According to Reyes, the less people in the tribe, the less people you have to share the profits with.  Disenrollment fundamentally ex-communicates the member from the tribe, cutting them off from their way of life, their familiar customs and language and forces some members to integrate with white society and culture.   Disenrolled tribal members in essence become trapped between two worlds; the world from which they have known all their life and a new world in which they struggle to assimilate into and gain acceptance from.

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