Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk in CONTEMPT for Following Bob Kelly's ORDERS

WOW, BETTY Leathers got SMACKED!  Will she GO TO JAIL to do the will of BOB KELLY?  Will KELLY allow her to go to jail?
Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk
Betty Leathers..JAIL BOUND?

From court ruling:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that having not heard from the Court Clerk, Betty Leathers, as rquired in our two previous Orders, this Court has no alternative but to find Betty Leathers in contempt.  If the contempt is not purged by the Court Clerk, accepting the return of the Complaint and Motion for Injunctive and Delcaratory Relief from Mssrs. Galanda, Broadman and Dreveskract, on or before July 6th 2016, the Nooksack Chief of Police is ordered arrest and jail Betty Leathers until such time as the return of the documents from Messrs. Galanda, Broadman and Dreveskracht are accepted by a clerk of the Nooksack Tribal Court and the contempt purged.


White Buffalo said...

This is news worthy, I am interested in seeing the outcome. It sounds like there is possible collusion at the very least. She is either being paid or has been promised something to be given to her at a later date. Can you say Rico Act.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

What we see happening in Nooksack is an attack on the judicial process established by the tribe. The tribal leaders have sought to silence opposition through the refusal of important court filings. They also acted to suspend the license to practice law of the disenrollees' attorney, and removed the head judge for alleged compromises to tribal sovereignty.

It is apparent that the tribal leaders are intent on the disenrollments and willing to sacrifice the rule by law in order to achieve it. The Court Clerk is now threatened with contempt. What action can be taken against these leaders who have violated their vows to uphold the tribe's laws? IMHO that is the action that should be taken next.

OPechanga said...

The "leaders" TERMS have expired. Technically, they are NOT rightful council. They refused to have elections as mandated by tribal constitution.

They should be shut down.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

So not only is the judicial process under attack, the entire governmental process has broken down. It is now an official tyranny. Looks like use of the Nooksack language is under attack also.

This is how you destroy a people. Unilateral decisions that interfere with the social and cultural order make it impossible to live as a people.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Bob Kelly in this photo, are they related?

Anonymous said...

It is there desire to become Self righteous And forget were there ancestors came, Just like many Reservations today, history of the people do not mean anything to them.