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Please Support The True Kumeyaay Benefit Show SUNDAY, APR 24 AT 5:00 PM, SAN DIEGO, CA

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT our TRUE San Pasqual Descendant Friends, Tell your Young People:

A fundraiser/raffle to support the legal defense in assisting the true San Pasqual Natives from being kept enrollment and denied their due process rights. The event is being held to benefit the increase cost of fighting for their case in a federal court. Please join us to help the true San Pasqual Natives have their voices heard.

Therefore, a 21+ fundraiser/raffle will be held in Downtown San Diego at Atomic Nightclub (762 Fifth Avenue, San Diego CA. 92101) from 5pm-10pm, with performances from live bands. Please join us to help the true San Pasqual Natives enroll back into their tribe and back onto their ancestral lands.

Raffle tickets for a trip to Cabo San Lucas for Two will be sold for $10 prior and at the event. Contact me for further information.

Please take a minute to read the history below and check out this link: BIA ADMITS to having documents in San Pasqual Applicants Case :


Imagine a life where your citizenship and identity; the only thing that your ancestors left behind for you, has been taken away. That is what has happened to the true San Pasqual Native Americans due to disenrollment by a corrupt tribal Government.

In the past, tribal disenrollment resulted when there were criminal offenses made by tribal members. Those tribal members were then kicked out of their tribe by the tribal government. Nonetheless, each case was infrequently permanent. Disenrollment is not a new thing, by any means, but it is happening more and more, typically within wealthy casino tribes. Although unlike the past, now disenrollment decisions are not being reversed. “Less people in the tribe, more money for remaining members.”

However, the San Pasqual Indians are in a very different position than most tribes today. There has been an enrollment dispute going on for decades. The bureau of Indian affairs has wrongfully enrolled non-San Pasqual Indians to the San Pasqual tribe, which is destroying and eroding the culture and tradition of this great tribe.

Arguably, the San Pasqual Band of (Kumeyaay) mission Indians are the most important Indian tribe in California history. Without the assistance of the San Pasqual Indians throughout the Mexican and Indian war, General Kearny would, most likely, have lost the battle of San Pasqual; and what is the U.S State of California today, would have remained a Mexican territory.

In the late 1870's, a white man from Ohio by the name of Calvin Washburn set fire to the San Pasqual village and patented the land himself. He later sold the land to a man named Bevington, who had the San Pasqual legally ejected from their ancestral lands.

Although the true Kumeyaay lived in and around their land for years, it wasn't until 1910 that the government set aside land for them that was barren, rocky, and had no water. However, the San Pasqual had been successful farmers and saw that they could not cultivate on this land.

Therefore, the San Pasqual refused to settle on the land. Being that the land in the area was still subject to squatters; the Bureau hired a descendant of another white pioneer from Ohio to act as a caretaker of the land on behalf of the San Pasqual. The caretaker’s name was Frank Trask. Frank Trask was married to a half-blood Native American from the Mesa Grande Diegueno tribe. They moved on to the San Pasqual land in 1910.

In 1920, after Frank Trask died, his widow and his 2 daughters moved off of the land. However, throughout the 1920's, every year the census was taken, they were listed on the census with a notation about their being relocated from Mesa Grande. In time, they were simply listed but without a notation that they were from a different tribe.

In 1955, the California Senate learned that the Trask descendants would not ALLOW the true San Pasqual Indians on to their own land. In fact, the Trask sisters actively prevented them from moving back. The Bureau stepped in and the San Pasqual Indians were finally allowed to move on to their own land. But while the true San Pasqual Indians were allowed to move back on to their reservation, the Trasks remained on the land as well.

So, with that background…Eventually, the Bureau lost sight of the fact that the Trasks are descendants of Mesa Grande Digueno's. Against the wishes of the San Pasqual, the Trasks were enrolled in the tribe as San Pasqual Indians. The Trasks have gerrymandered the entire system within the tribal government and have actively sought to keep the true San Pasqual Kumeyaay out of their own tribe. While many of the true San Pasqual are ALLOWED to live on their own reservation, they have no rights and live under the threat of banishment.

The importance of the San Pasqual Indians is to have the true San Pasqual descendants enrolled in to their own tribe, but most importantly, to have the tribe’s legacy live on for centuries to come.
Atomic Nightclub - 762 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101


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