Wednesday, April 6, 2016

NATIVE AMERICA CALLING: Disenrollment Show on April 6th Tune In, LINK TO SHOW ADDED

Good to hear that NAC will be doing a show on disenrollment.  Sad to hear that it's still an issue a couple of years after doing the show.  Great commentary by Chairman Greg Sarris of the Graton Rancheria and my friend Cathy Cory of Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.

 To Listen to the show, now available: go to this link:Native America Calling on DISENROLLMENT SHOW   Please tell your family and friends about this show and ask them to look in.  Show NAC that a LOT of natives care about this issue.

Nooksack 306 Protesting Disenrollment Action
by Bob Kelly led faction

Tribes have the power to determine their own membership. But with great power comes a great controversy in the form of disenrollment. A new group is speaking out against the practice of eliminating members. They say it is literally tearing tribes apart. One California tribe,
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, amended their own constitution to outlaw the practice. Tribes that are disenrolling members say it is a matter of correcting tribal records. How is it that some tribes reject the idea while others see it as the path to their future?

To participate, call:

 To Listen go to this link:Native America Calling on DISENROLLMENT SHOW;

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Nooksack Disenrollment


marilyn said...

How pleased old dead Indian fighters Like Andrew jackson would be to see tribes killing Indians... the US doesnt have to lift a finger these days to accomplish what was government policy at one time. Looking forward to this program. I hope everyone will share.. only with great public interest and concern of these matters will the Feds see this as a serious problem

Anonymous said...

My tribe needs disenrollment. Everything on our reservation is run by people who don't belong here, they come from other tribes and were to be helped with home on a temporary basis, yet here we are several generations down the line being excluded more each day.