Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Young Nooksack Member Speaks Out on Disenrollment; Savanah's Lament

We encourage our young to speak out when they see the injustices happening in their tribes, this is about tribal disenrollment and the Nooksack tribal council who are failing to follow the tribe's constitution by holding on to their seats after their terms have ended.

From 19 year old Savanah LaClair of the Nooksack Tribe

I've kept quiet about a certain problem that's happening in the Nooksack community for too long.

It's time that I start speaking up for my siblings. My mother is Erica LaClair. She has 5 children. 3 of her children are being threatened to be disenrolled from THEIR OWN tribe.

My siblings and  I are not enrolled in any other tribe. We only belong to the Nooksack tribe. Except my mother's oldest child . She disenrolled herself because she's so ashamed of what the Nooksack tribe is doing.

My mother and  I are not being threatened to be disenrolled from OUR tribe. I don't understand why my brothers &  my youngest sister are being threatened by THEIR tribe. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

My guess is they're only being threatened due to their last names. My youngest siblings have not received any money from the tribe since this has started... But my mother and  I have. This is so unfair to them .

This shouldn't be happening to INNOCENT children who BELONG to the Nooksack tribe. My mother and Bob Kelly are FIRST COUSINS. So that means he is threatening to disenroll his own family! This has gone too far Nooksack.
It's time to end this.

Nooksack *NEEDS* to have a election. The council we have now are not even councilman any longer, their terms were done in March!


I AM SO SO SO SO TIRED OF SEEING MY BROTHERS &  SISTER SUFFER.  Please share this status. I want all of Nooksack to know that the "council" has been lying to them! Accusing my family of being "fraudulently" enrolled in different tribes. NOT TRUE.

DEMAND A ELECTION . PLEASE. Don't be afraid to use your voices. Imagine if this was your family.. matter of fact.... Who says YOUR family isn't next ?

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