Friday, April 1, 2016

BOYCOTT Tribal Businesses: NOOKSACK a TARGET for Boycott (Letter Enclosed) Who is Next?

Earlier this week we posted about boycotting tribal businesses for those tribes that harm their own people.  This is something that Indian Country can easily do.

We've put a letter that can be used to BOYCOTT NOOKSACK'S tribal businesses, but can easily be altered for the abusing tribe of your choice, Pala, Pechanga, Chukchansi.

WHY send them a letter?  Because if you don't tell them WHY you won't go anymore, they will just think ...BUSINESS is down.   Let them know..there IS a's YOU and your friends are going anymore.

Nooksack Indian Tribe 
PO BOX 157 
Deming, WA 98244 
Fax: (360) 592-2125

Dear Nooksack Indian Tribe,
I am appalled at the stories I’ve been reading about in the Bellingham Herald and the Seattle Times in regards to the disenrollment of 306 Nooksack Tribal Members and the closure of the Nooksack River Casino that gave little regard to the employees that were a part of this community.

As a concerned citizen, I will not support a tribal nation that profits from the abuse of its people. After learning more about tribal disenrollment, paper genocide and the apartheid practiced on your reservation, I can’t in good conscience continue to spend my dollars at Northwood Casino in Lynden or at your market store in Deming.

Your tribe’s violations of human and civil rights are detestable and reminiscent of the actions of South Africa. I’ve been trying to fathom how a tribe could withhold school supplies, clothing, and Christmas distributions from the children, and top it off suspend luncheons, outings, and septic assistance to the elders and close a business with no notice to the employees and lack of assistance provided to them. This is unconscionable.

While I can support sovereignty, I can’t believe sovereignty was designed to help protect a nation of abusers. I will also be writing to Senator Maria Cantwell asking that they look into enforcing the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 for these violations.

Until you end this travesty and drop this modern-day holocaust, I will be taking my business to the Silver Reef Casino. I refuse to support your actions and will actively work to get more of my friends and family to do the same as well.

The ancestors are watching. Restore honor and dignity to your tribe!



Anonymous said...

These so called leaders do not know the meaning of HONOR or DIGNITY.
If they did they would never disenroll anyone.
All they truly understand is Greed and Corruption.

Anonymous said...

This is great and it is so easy to send a letter, tweak it if you want and send it. Let these tribes know what they are doing is going to lose them there business, after all who goes to the Casinos and spends their money, is it all of the tribal members only, or is it the general public?

Anonymous said...

you guys are no different then that guy in Germany who thought if you weren't WHITE you were not pure... don't want to say hi name but you know who i mean so call pure INDIANS your either Indian or your out what a disgrace,we are all human from one MOTHER AND ONE FATHER now that you have the power to help the lest fortunate you kick them out what a disgrace .that's all i have to say

Anonymous said...

True how true

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how Pechanga is allowed to build a huge water park in our current rationing of water? Governor Brown is preaching conservation, yet a wasteful water park is needed? Temecula homeowners have to let their grass and plants to die, yet Mark gets to build a place to show off? Gambling is losing its popularity and I hope Pechanga goes broke like the huge tribal Casino back east did. I wonder how many of the large amounts of foreclosure near the casino are from gambling losses? Someone should do a study.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Citing the Pechanga Band's disregard for water conservancy would be a good reason to boycott the Pechanga Resort and Casino. It is the duty and responsibility for all California residents to manage water resources carefully. The Pechanga Band is showing disdain for the needs of the community and state by constructing a water park in the midst of state wide rationing.

Anonymous said...

Reinstatement, that's all true, but what about the fines being imposed for over usage? Is the Casino immune to those?

Anonymous said...

How do you go about who is 100% Indian? its been quite a long time since there was a 100% pure race.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Reservation resources are protected under the federal trust duty, and are exempt from state law. Pechanga has a specific water rights agreement that defines an allocated amount of water. Therefore the usage restrictions of California don't apply to Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Good reason for Temecula and surrounding areas to boycott such a huge water waster. The golf course and the new water park yet everyone in the area has dead grass and dirty cars.