Wednesday, April 6, 2016

3 Days of Protest Against Disenrollment in UKIAH

Earlier today and for the next two days, members of the Elem Indian Colony Pomo Tribe will be protesting at the Ukiah Plaza alongside representatives from at least two other tribes in the area.

The group is challenging a cut in membership from the Clearlake Oaks tribe. Those involved in the protest say the Disenrollment/Paper Genocide
of tribe members is contrary to tribal law.

From the organizers:

Today's Stand against Dis-enrollment protest will be held in Ukiah today from 11:00-5:30 each day on April 6th, 7th, & 8th 2016. 

The Pomo Nations families have been targeted by these Zionist Attorneys Anthony Cohen, Lester Marston and David Rapport who specialize in the politically Disenrolling of Pomo people while the majority of their tribal clients are Tribal Governments from Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino Counties! 

Question your Council why they continue to hire these low down dirty blood sucking attorneys. Who will eventually dis-enroll them "

STAND with your Native Brethren against corrupt Tribal Councils.  


Anonymous said...

Behind every dis enrollment there are disgusting attorneys like these ones. I have seen it way too much in indian country. Wake up people and stop listening to greedy attorneys that are using native people against each other. No different then what government did in the beginning. Les Marston and Tony Cohen have been the attorneys for at least five tribes in Lake and Mendocino counties that have dis enrolled. And then they will pick up a ICWA related case to make people believe they are good people. WOLVES ACTING LIKE SHEEP....Knowledge is power, please look into disenrollments and find out whos the attorney so we can expose more of them.

Tony Cohen said...

OK, the racist anti-semitic poster ("Zionist attorneys") of the comment about Elem disenrollments is also a liar. I have made it very clear to all involved that am NOT and NEVER HAVE participated in ANY disenrollments. My message to tribes that are doing that is that it's exactly what the invaders of this continent have always wanted you to do: kill yourselves so they don't have to. That's ALWAYS been my message to them. That and "find a small group of traditional healers you can agree on, and solve these problems together with traditional wisdom." But nope, they won't. Please stop lying about me and educate yourself away from racist BS.