Saturday, October 17, 2015

NOTRE DAME Beats USC 41-31! Excellent Game in this Historic Rivalry

A terrific game to watch for a Notre Dame fan.  Well, except for a second quarter that let some wind out of the sails for a bit.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish pulled away from the Trojans with excellent defense that they must have hidden in the locker room to be used in the 2nd half, since their defense was almost non existent in the 2nd quarter.

Congratulations Notre Dame on a Terrific Game.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly off topic for this blog. Kudos to ND. But, fight on SC! Oh, what was last year's score at the coliseum?

Unknown said...

My blog can have ANY TOPIC I choose. That is the cool thing about blogs,
They rolled up on the Irish last year. But THIS year, it's ND...Next year is going to be a great game with All the talent on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Sure we can talk football. Wouldn't hurt to mention Carlisle Indians football or Jim Thorpe. Maybe even Jim Plunkett?

Anonymous said...

It's a great rivalry and I truly respect ND. One of my favorites that I look forward to each year. I love Tim Brown, but not more than Marcus Allen. And so forth. It was really surprising to see this posted on the blog, however. Ha!

How did a So Cal guy become a ND fan?

Anonymous said...

Or, how about more current and we can discuss Sam Bradford...

Anonymous said...

Excellent game, as most of this rivalry are..

Anonymous said...

If there's one public event where the USC football coach needs to be at his most professional and inspirational, it is the annual preseason Trojans family banquet known as "Salute to Troy."

Steve Sarkisian knew this, yet there he was Saturday night, apparently intoxicated, slurring his words, uttering an expletive and acting so unsteady that he left the stage before his remarks were complete.

On Sunday, an apology was issued by Sarkisian, and a public scolding was given by Athletic Director Pat Haden. But given the circumstances, are words enough?

Are the Trojans doing their rebuilt reputation a disservice by abiding yet another off-the-field humiliation? More important, are the Trojans doing Sarkisian a disservice by refusing to address what could be a bigger issue?

"I sincerely apologize to my players and staff and to our fans for my behavior and my inappropriate language at our kickoff event Saturday night," Sarkisian said in a statement that did not mention the root of the problem.

Bill Plaschke: USC has big problems with Steve Sarkisian

Does USC need to be concerned about USC football coach Steve Sarkisian's behavior at Saturday's Salute to Troy event? L.A. Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke thinks so.

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The biggest issue here isn't the curse word that Sarkisian used on stage — audible in a brief video clip — or that he apparently ripped several other schools by saying, "They all suck." This sort of trash talking is easily forgiven when it comes from excited coaches during pep-rally style events; just ask UCLA's Jim Mora.

The biggest issue is that Sarkisian made these statements while apparently impaired, even though this was one night when he absolutely had to know he would need his wits about him. The judgment here wasn't just lacking, it was nonexistent, which should scare USC into wondering whether this issue could run far deeper than one night and a couple of cocktails.

"I met with Coach Sarkisian and I expressed my disappointment," Haden said in a statement. "While details of our conversation will remain between us, I'm confident he heard my message loud and clear."

Anonymous said...

SC Athletic Director Pat Haden was tended to by medical personnel on the sideline before USC’s game against No. 14 Notre Dame on Saturday night at Notre Dame Stadium.

A USC spokesman said Haden, 62, was feeling light-headed on the sideline, took a knee and was tended to by team medical personnel.

He is stable and sitting up in locker room, the spokesman said.

Haden, who has a pacemaker, was hospitalized in August 2014 and missed USC’s annual Salute to Troy event.

Haden fired coach Steve Sarkisian on Monday, and he has been under fire for his handling of the Sarkisian situation but received a statement of support from USC President Max Nikias.

White Buffalo said...

Off topic sure, GO UCLA BRUINS

Anonymous said...