Friday, October 23, 2015

American Indian Physicians Publish a Resolution AGAINST Tribal Disenrollment

First the attorneys came out against tribal disenrollment, then National Congress of American Indians went silent, and voted in the chairman of the disenrolling Redding Rancheria. NOW, The Association of American Indians Physicians have reached THIS CONCLUSION:

 Historically, our Native nations were inclusive communities with clear cultural and spiritual identities. We incorporated other individuals and families into our community in order to gain in numbers and function. This openness is evidence of our cultural confidence and generosity that is the hallmark of all Native people. That history is now challenged by decisions to remove longstanding members with kinship bonds tied deeply into other tribal families. This inconsistency cannot be overlooked. Please reconsider your vote of disenrollment and bring your families together. We are convinced it is for the better mental health of your Indian Tribes and Nations and will serve as a distinct and hopeful model for all Indian Nations.  


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Anonymous said...

This is such a good article I can't believe no one has commented.
Because no one wants to hear this part.
That disenrollment is wrong, unethical and should be treated as a crime.
Disenrolling tribes should be excluded from indian health services and NIGC, NCAI etc.

They are bad for business and do not promote anything constructive for communities.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is a very good article and so true. Everyone I know that has been disenrolled are suffering the same symptoms of depression. I was whole, now I am broken! Disenrollments need to be stopped, it is a deplorable way to treat your own people, and those who have disenrolled others should feel totally ashamed.

WeRone said...

Native Lawyers Told To Treat Disenrollment With Restraint

WeRone said...

Pechanga decided not to follow custom and tradition and let the band make a decision of recognition. Patrick "Butch" Murphey was adopted by the band during a Special Band meeting. Custom and Tradition! 25 years later the Band votes to stop ALL disenrollments and keep ALL members enrolled. "Butch" and other council board members, allowed others to go against custom and tradition and disenroll an Allotted family from the band. Is that really honoring ALL our ancestors and the reason we are ALL here?


I agree dis-enrollment is wrong, unethical and a crime. They are Doing-away with true "Native Americans". and the Creator is watching everything.. And so when the time comes to pay the piper.'and the Mountains fall on there fraud faces"..the Native Nations, will know "Who were the true Natives Americans"..."I fear The Creator with all my heart, and I love him'..and now it is in his hands..."So do not blames us for your Iniquities and Crimes'...we warned your White Skanks, Many Moons ago..

Anonymous said...

Half the people on that reservation don't care about being Indian all they care about is when the Lakers come getting that check and they don't even look Native America and they look like a bunch of white people if I pop a hemorrhoid they will probably lose whatever blood they have if they have any at all

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what has Rick Cuevas accomplished? Weather you like Rick Cuevas or not, what has he accomplished?? His own family barely supports him. why do you? Thanks

WeRone said...

Rick has kept a sharing spot for the truth. Not everyone likes the truth for some reason or another. If sharing the truth is uncomfortable maybe we should look inside our being and find out why?

WeRone said...

When you talk about skin color your forget the truth. Its not skin color that determines your Pride. Apples are red on the outside but white on the inside. It's an illusion if you believe skin color is more important than honesty, and honor of our culture. WE ALL have a choice, I choose to Honor the kind and Generous people of the world. I also pray the others will look inside and move to that side of life. The Creator put us ALL here for a reason! Right "Butch"!